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  • Human Emotion Project 2009

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design

    “Human Emotion captured through international collaboration using sound, video and film to portray the individual interpretation of the artists involved. Participating artists works will be available for large screen projection and screening on DVD (PAL and NTSC) or format required; from Alison Williams (Director HEP project).”

    A final series of HEP DVDs will screen the selected works according to the flow of emotions projected.

    A deadline is set for 31 January 2009 and a growing number of artists answer a call to document or articulate human emotion through kinetic media. The project is born online and the first screenings will be viewable to the public via an online source yet to be officially announced.

    Drawn together by the art that they share via the internet, artists with disparate cultural and aesthetic identities approach the internal workings that exist in all humans. Emotions are inherently difficult to explicate. How does one describe fear? We know it when we feel it but how can we share, through the paltry use of language, our experience of it? Moving images, mostly embellished with sound, extend the expressive possibilities beyond what can be accomplished through language or even static imagery. By employing the largest palette of creative possibilities, film and video artists from around the world strive to externalize those complex driving forces that we all enjoy and endure and that bind us, as humanity, together despite our differences.

    Alison Williams, a prolific South African artist who has created collaborative work with artists across the globe, and whose own work fearlessly mines a broad range of emotional experiences, initiated the project. The project was born online, an art web site and artist networking site to which all of the artists involved belong. Democratically organized, individual artists are seeking real world venues in their home countries for a work that, even a few years ago, would have been a logistic impossibility. Thus far, many members of the group have submitted preview video works which will be included in the final selection process - 31 January 2009 (final submission date). The selection process will ensure adherence to the conceptual nature of the project for final screening at various International Film and Video festivals and participating galleries etc.

    HEP 2009 is currently working to secure venues via curators, galleries, museums and individuals interested in involvement with such an exciting project. The aim of the project is to target many locations internationally and also to let the project grow, adding to the content and adjusting the curatorial so as to present and reflect the new artists that join the project over time. This ensures new material for screening and the availability of a broader selection of HEP DVDs.

    The current list of participating artists is as follows:

    Amina Bech - Norway, Anthony Elliot - UK, Alberto Guerreiro - Portugal, Anna Jaros - Poland, Anders Weberg - Sweden, Alison Williams - RSA, Bill Millett - UK, Cristina Valenca Limeira - USA, Christy Walsh - USA, Daniel Chavez - USA, Dave Swensen - USA, Debbie Douez - Spain, Digitalfaerie - UK, Dimitris Dokatzis and Anna Lascari - Greece, Faticart group - Italy, Fonarik - Estonia, Glenn Church - USA, Heiko Pfreundt - Germany, Hellaimorth - France, Irina Gabiani - Luxembourg, Khairy Hirzalla - Jordan, Kisito Assangni - France, Kyle von Osdol - USA, Leùna O’Doherty - France, Mads Ljungdahl - Denmark, Manfred Marburger - UK, Masha Yozefpolsky - Israel, Mel Chil - Australia, Michael Chang - Denmark, Mike Hinc - UK, Mira Cedar - Israel, Monika Sigeti B. - Serbia and Montenegro, Neil Howe - Australia, Niclas Hallberg - Sweden, Noura Debbouche - Canada, Osvaldo Cibils - Uruguay, Simone Stoll - Germany, Sohrab M. Kashani - Iran, Tatjana de Luxe - Germany, Tristan Mory - France, Ulf Kristiansen - Norway, Uncontrollable Films - Germany, Wilma Kun - Brazil


    Natasha Marin - USA / Kisito Assangni - France / Dimitris Dokatzis & Anna Lascari - Greece / Alberto Guerreiro - Portugal / Iury Lech Transfera TV - Spain* (Selected HEP screenings 2009) / Tatjana de Luxe - Germany / Carlo Fatigone (Faticart Group) - Italy* Collaboration / Sohrab M. Kashani (WE HAPPPY) - Iran / Faticart Group - Italy

    Project Manager from 2009: J.L.Tupper RSA

    Some of the proposed emotions open to interpretation are:

    Able Adequate Agonized Annoyed Anxious Apprehensive Bewildered Bold Bored Brave Burdened Calm Capable Cautious Charmed Cheerful Comfortable Competitive Concerned Confident Confused Depressed Destructive Determined Disgusted Distracted Doubtful Dumbfounded Eager Energetic Enthused Exasperated Excited Exhausted Exhilarated Expectant Fascinated Free Frustrated Glad Good Great Guilty Happy Harassed Helpful Hesitant Hopeful Hostile Ignored Impatient Indifferent Inspired Intimidated Isolated Jealous Jumpy Mad Manipulated Miserable Obnoxious Overwhelmed Peaceful Pleasant Powerful Pressured Proud Relaxed Relieved Sad Satisfied Scared Shocked Suspicious Tired Uncomfortable Uneasy Used Wary Weary Waste

    Other emotions not listed on the site are also open to interpretation according to the various participating artists, as the above were merely guidelines for the project.

    Duration of works was not set, to allow the artists a broad and free interpretation without too many imposing restrictions, and to cultivate the possibility of greater creativity within difficult emotional terrain. The final selection process irons out any problems imposed by time. More than one DVD will be presented to ensure that artists are represented as individuals with their own distinct interpretations within the group. Each artist has the option of handing in three works for submission.

    These emotional and fascinating works could be screened in sessions or as the Festival/ Gallery schedule/ individual curatorial permits. HEP 1 HEP 2 HEP 3 etc depending on the number of selected works and the duration of the entire project after the selection process. Both online and offline screening is offered according to individual requirements.

    Human Emotion Project is a non-profit project / event: Works will be screened at Festivals on a non-profit basis and for cultural purposes only, not for profit gain by the Director of HEP group or by any other screening parties involved (curators, galleries, museums or private showings arranged by consent only). Participating to HEP will in no way limit the rights that the Artist has on his/her work/s: Artist will retain the ownership of his/her work/s and all the rights upon his/her work/s without any limitations including but not limited to all the rights of using, selling, hiring, showing his/her work/s in any other event (be this profit or non-profit), before or during or after the HEP Project etc at his/her total discretion.

    NB. Artists retain the ownership of their works and all the rights upon their works without any limitations.(all artists must hand in one submission form per work submitted, signed)

    If in the future any sale of the works is proposed by any Gallery, Collector, screening venue or individual, then the HEP group as a whole will determine that outcome after consensus is achieved. A decision that suits all parties involved re pricing and sales would be determined.

    For any further information please contact Sohrab M. Kashani at

    Proposal written by Christy Walsh and Alison Williams

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