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Cinema Verite Institute

Cinema Verite Institute

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  • Human Emotion Project 2009

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design

    “Human Emotion captured through international collaboration using sound, video and film to portray the individual interpretation of the artists involved. Participating artists works will be available for large screen projection and screening on DVD (PAL and NTSC) or format required; from Alison Williams (Director HEP project).”

    A final series of HEP DVDs will screen the selected works according to the flow of emotions projected.

    A deadline is set for 31 January 2009 and a growing number of artists answer a call to document or articulate human emotion through kinetic media. The project is born online and the first screenings will be viewable to the public via an online source yet to be officially announced.

    Drawn together by the art that they share via the internet, artists with disparate cultural and aesthetic identities approach the internal workings that exist in all humans. Emotions are inherently difficult to explicate. How does one describe fear? We know it when we feel it but how can we share, through the paltry use of language, our experience of it? Moving images, mostly embellished with sound, extend the expressive possibilities beyond what can be accomplished through language or even static imagery. By employing the largest palette of creative possibilities, film and video artists from around the world strive to externalize those complex driving forces that we all enjoy and endure and that bind us, as humanity, together despite our differences.

    Alison William...

Advancing Social and humanitarian issues through the medium of films.

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