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Cinema Verite Institute

Cinema Verite Institute

Communication, Arts & Culture

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Advancing Social and humanitarian issues through the medium of films.

1/ to celebrate, encourage and promote filmmakers who, through the insight and vision of their films, bring pressure to bear on the major issues and preoccupations of today 2/ to highlight cinema’s role in influencing important social and humanitarian issues


CINEMA VERITE offers 3 programs:

1/ CINEMA VERITE INTERNATIONAL RENDEZVOUS A Platform for Global Issues: Offering a meeting platform where film-makers, socially conscious artists and leading figures can unite to reflect and explore their preoccupations and suggestions with regard to specific issues. The first edition of the CINEMA VERITE International RendezVous will take place in Monaco, October 10-11, 2007 and in Paris, October 12-14, 2007.

FOCUS 2007: Landmines and Cluster bombs The 1st International RendezVous for socially c onscious cinema will highlight the ethical, financial and humanitarian consequenxes of landmines and cluster bombs. Future festival “FOCUS” will spotlight other identified crises against humanity including: Capital Punishment, Clean Water Access, Global Warming, Discrimination and other essential issues.

2/ THE INSTITUTE CINEMA VERITE Creating an exhibition space in Paris (at Bastille), for socially conscious filmmakers to meet and screen films. To be inaugurated September 2007.

3/ CINEMA VERITE FUND Creating an investment fund courtesy of fundraising events, allowing financial support to the production of socially conscious films which carry out a social and humanitarian message.

News & Events

The CINEMA VERITE First International Rendez-Vous will take place on the 10th to 14th October 2007, in Monaco and Paris.


Wednesday 10th October 2007 – Monaco

Children united for Peace

2:00 pm Screening “No Man’s Land” with filmmaker Danis Tanovic - Cannes 2001 Best Screenplay Academy Award 2002 Best Foreign Film

3:45 pm Q&A with Children with Nobel Laureate for Peace Jody Williams Debate: Children in war zone with the participation of Sharon Stone

4:30 pm Balloons release with children’s message attached to it

10Th Anniversary of the annoucement of the Nobel Peace Prize to Jody Williams & ICBL - International Campaign to Ban Landmines

8:00 pm This ceremony will pay tribute to the 1997 Nobel laureate for Peace and to the organizations who continue to work for the ban of landmines and clusters bombs, such as Handicap International co-laureate of the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize. As part of this celebration, there will be lectures by dignitaries and wellknown figures; extracts from a number of films devoted to this struggle will be screened in the presence of the filmmakers.

9:30 pm Gala Dinner to benefit the CINEMA VERITE FUND BANK With the exceptional participation of: H.R.H. Princess Esmeralda of Belgium H.R.H. Princess Anne de Bourbon-Siciles H.R.H. Prince Fayçal Bey Mrs Smadar Einsenberg.

Thursday 11Th October 2007 - Monaco

Guests of Honour 2007

9:30 am Tribute to the Guest of Honour for documentary film. CARLA DEL PONTE United Nations War Crimes Chief Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte was appointed Prosecutor of the Tessin canton in Lugano. She closely worked with the Italian magistrates in the fight against the Mafia. In 1988 she escaped an assassination attempt in Palermo while she was in company of Judge Falcone who was assassinated a few months later. In 1994, she became the General Prosecutor of the Swiss Confederation. She first aims drug dealers and industrial crime. In 1999 the United Nations Security Council names her Prosecutor to the International Penal Court for ex- Yugoslavia and Rwanda. From then on, Carla Del Ponte pursues war crime perpetrators, genocide and crimes against humanity. Her mandate comes to term on September 15th 2007.

1:00 pm Lunch honouring CARLA DEL PONTE

3:00 pm Tribute to the Guest of Honour for fiction film LOIS JENSON’s struggle has enabled American law to be amended to incorporate the crime of female sexual harassment in the workplace. Her story was re-told by director Niki Caro in the film “North Country”. Ms. Jenson’s role was played by actress Charlize Theron (2006 Academy Award nominee for that film).

Friday October 12th, 2007 – Paris

A Night dedicated to Peace

A unique outdoor screenings taking place on large screens, inflatable balloons and in selected cinemas around the Place de la Bastille, Paris during one night. The public will be able to meet international peace-makers & leading figures in social and humanitarian organizations. In addition, photo exhibitions and meetings will take place around the issue of landmines and clusters bombs.

Saturday October 13-14th October, 2007 – Paris

Focus 2007 Film selection on the theme of landmines and cluster bombs screened in cinemas around the Place de la Bastille, Paris.

Special SCREENING EVENTS Five fiction films and documentary films dealing with various issues, social or political, will be screened in selected cinemas around the Place de la Bastille. All screenings will be followed with an audience Q&A with the filmmakers/actors or real life persons represented on screen. Q & A will be also facilitated by an issue expert.

Screenings/Meeting GUESTS OF HONOUR Screening around the Fiction Film Guest of Honour Lois Jenson and the Documentary Film Guest of Honour Carla Del Ponte.

Screenings/Meeting ON SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS CINEMA What is the definition of socially conscious cinema? Who is it aimed at ? How does the film-maker take his (or her) stance? A number of directors and producers whose films are considered « socially conscious » have been invited to this first Rendezvous for Socially Conscious Cinema including distributors, publicists and television executive journalists.

A symbolic location: LA BASTILLE THE « VILLAGE » CINEMA VERITE PORT DE L’ARSENAL / PLACE DE LA BASTILLE Screening in selected cinemas in Paris around the Place de la Bastille. Photo exhibition and video screenings on the square of place de la Bastille A number of yachts/boats will be dedicated to several exhibitions/screenings and open to the public in the only private harbour of Paris located in Bastille. Reception Area/Lounge will welcome participants in the Port de l’Arsenal


This year will mark the first edition of the CINEMA VERITE. CINEMA VERITE was founded by Joel Soler in 2007. In 1993, Joel Soler began his career in the media as a talk show host for the French Television Paris Premiere. He occasionally co-hosted another talk show in Paris for Lebanese Television called Future TV. Two years later, he was a journalist for the French educational Television program, La Cinquieme. In 1996, he moved to the United States and became a free lance journalist and producer for TFI, France 2 (France) and Surf Channel (USA). In May 2000, he produced in Hollywood for the French Fashion legend Pierre Cardin the Opera-Musical titled Le Manege. In September 2000, he released his first feature length documentary called Uncle Saddam which he produced and directed.

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Advancing Social and humanitarian issues through the medium of films.

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