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  • The Government is seeking to hear from businesses that would be interested in submitting evidence to help form a new "organisational standard" for cyber security. The Cyber Security and Resilience Team within the Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills (BIS) has asked businesses to detail initial interest in submitting views on such a standard by 8 April with a view to providing guidance to those companies about their submissions before the beginning of May. Respondents will then have until Monday 14 October 2013 to make those submissions. As part of its Cyber Security Strategy published in November 2011, the Government promised to develop industry-led cyber security standardsfor private sector companies. The Government said it was now acting on that pledge. "The government intends to select and endorse an organisational standard that best meets the requirements for effective cyber risk management," BIS said in a statement. "There are currently various relevant standards and guidance, which can be confusing for organisations, businesses and companies that want to improve their cyber security. We aim to offer clarity to the private sector, based on the standard that we select and choose to promote. We will shortly publish guidance to help organisations and groups prepare their evidence for submission," it a...

Government seeks views on new organisational

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