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The Avanti Group Info

The Avanti Group Info

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    A Changsha developer dazzled the world when it built a 30-storey hotel within 15 days. Now as it aims to construct the world's tallest building in a mere nine months, experts are raising questions about safety and wondering whether the project is part of a technological revolution or a public relations campaign.

    On Saturday, a ground-breaking ceremony marked the start of construction of an 838-metre, 208-storey skyscraper on the outskirts of Hunan’s capital city, which its developer Broad Group estimated would be completed by April next year. If all goes to plan, the building will be crowned the world’s tallest building and be 10 metres taller than the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which currently holds the title.

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    Some construction experts, however, have expressed doubts over the developer’s projections, questioning whether the astoundingly short construction period would be possible and whether the timeframe would compromise safety.

    “The techniques Broad Group are using are unprecedented in the world,” said Yin Zhi, director of Tsinghua University’s School of Urban Planning and Design.

    “It either has achieved a stunning breakthrough in architectural technologies, or it is a fraud,” Yin told, the website of state-run CCTV.

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