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    Lately we’ve seen a lot of news stories about the National Security Agency’s program for tracking phone records, Internet searches and Facebook pages. Politicians on both sides of the aisle have decried and supported the practice, constitutionalists are debating over the legalities, and American citizens are either praising Edward Snowden’s courage or want him tried for treason.

    No matter which side of the issue you come down on, one thing to remember is not all online tracking is bad – especially when it comes to protecting you and your business.

    I’m talking specifically about tracking information on the Internet as it relates to cybercrime, fraud and securing the online ecosystem for consumers.

    A couple of years ago legislation started to appear in various states known as “do not track” laws. These policies wanted to leave it up to consumers to determine whether or not they wanted to be tracked. Then the federal government stepped in and saw this as a consumer privacy issue. It was quite a soapbox issue for politicians to beat their chests and talk about the evils of big business invading the privacy and personal information of consumers.

    I have no doubt that some companies use personally identifiable information in ways that would make consumers cringe. However, the problem is a double-edged sword. If consumers determine what information, if any, can be reviewed during their online transaction, then criminals can, too.

    When making a purchase, or ...

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    In “Dark Clouds on the Horizon,” the Hong Kong Journalists Association’s latest annual report, the group warns that China is tightening its grip over Hong Kong media. The findings come at a time when attacks on a pro-democracy media group, Next Media, have raised fears of aggression against news outlets known for being critical of China.

    The report finds that press freedom in the territory of Hong Kong--which was granted the right to manage its domestic affairs under a “one country, two systems” framework when China took back control from the British in 1997--is under assault both from the local government and from Beijing.

    Locally, Hong Kong’s government has proposed or passed laws that would restrict reporting activities. The vague wording of recent amendments to the city’s privacy law could subject journalists to five years in jail or fines up to 1 million Hong Kong dollars (US$129,000) if they reveal information that “causes psychological harm” or “causes loss.” The government has also proposed new rules that would bar the public from accessing the residential addresses and identification card numbers of company directors, which could prevent journalists from uncovering wrongdoing and corruption. Company records in Hong Kong played a crucial role in The New York Times and Bloomberg investigations into the family wealth and business relationships of former Premier Wen Jiabao and current President Xi Jinping. In response to media criticism, the govern...

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    accounting code 85230509026, cruse tax planning associates

    The Public Accounts Committee in the British Parliament has issued a critical report blaming large accounting firms, particularly the Big Four, for contributing to tax avoidance.

    “Confidence in our tax system can only be maintained if every company and every individual is seen to be paying their fair share of tax,” said Friday’s report from the House of Commons committee. “We held hearings last year to investigate why some multinational companies pay little corporation tax despite doing a large amount of business in the UK, and why some individuals can get away with using contrived schemes to avoid tax. We are also concerned about the role of tax advisors and in January 2013 we took evidence from Deloitte, Ernst and Young, KPMG, and PwC to understand more about the nature of the tax advice they provide.”

    The report noted that Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs department appears to be “fighting a battle it cannot win in tackling tax avoidance.”

    “Companies can devote considerable resource to ensure that they minimize their tax liability,” said the committee report. “There is a large market for advising companies on...

  • De søkte den ytterste hemmelighold i offshore skatteparadiser. Men nå har noen av verdens rikeste borgere deres undisclosed regnskap lagt nakne.

    En enestående lekkasje av dokumenter er avslørende tett bevoktet investering informasjonen mer enn 100.000 mennesker over hele verden, inkludert hundrevis av kanadiere.

    INTERACTIVE : Hvordan rike skjule pengene sine KART : Hvor Canada's offshore kontoinnehavere live Les : Hvorfor CBC News he ikke publisere all navn I det som antas for å være en av de største noensinne lekkasjer av finansielle data, Washington, DC-baserte International Consortium av undersøkende journalister har fått nesten 30 år med dataoppføringer, e-post og andre konfidensielle opplysninger fra 10 offshore havner rundt om i verden.

    CBC News har inngått

    "Denne hemmelige verden har endelig blitt avslørt," sa advokat og internasjonale skatte ekspert Art Cockfield, professor ved Queen's University i Kingston, Ont.

    "Jeg synes det he helt fascinerende å se på janissaries informative jonen dump . Jeg tror dette he første gang of folk liker meg selv , above kanskje til og med Offentlige tjenestemenn , har hatt tilgang til janissaries jonen informative . "

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    cruse and associates financial press releases KARACHI: Weiterer Rückgang Weizen Preise im Großhandel und Einzelhandel von Karatschi, angespornt durch die Freisetzung von stecken sich Bestände der Ware durch Pakistan Landwirtschaft Lagerung und Service Corporation Limited (PASSCO) auf dem offenen Markt. Die Ankunft der große Menge an Weizen aus Sindh Interieur hat heilsame Wirkung auf die Preise der Mehl-Sorten auch buchstabiert. Vor kurzem hat oberste Gerichtshof von Pakistan PASSCO Aktien auf dem Markt für höhere Preisdruck der Ware freigeben erlaubt. Frühere Lahore High Court die Corporation durch die Freisetzung von Aktien auf dem Markt zurückgehalten hatte folglich weiterhin Weizen Preise bleiben hoch was zu höheren Preisen der Ware auf dem freien Markt bei Rs 35 pro Kilogramm (kg). Im Zuge der erwarteten Version der großen Menge der Weizen von PASSCO auf dem offenen Markt und Wasserströmung, haben jetzt ihre Tarife bis Rs 31 pro kg-Level, die unmittelbaren Einfluss auf Mehl Preise nose-dived.


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