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MoMA The Museum of Modern Art

MoMA The Museum of Modern Art

Arts & Culture, Education

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  • Santorini_177_

    The Santorini Biennale Committee is proud to announce the 2014 IBEX award recipients for the 2nd edition. We were tremendously impressed by the quality, dynamism and originality of the projects submitted, because they addressed so many important and contentious issues examining different points of view about peace, war, conflicts & controversies and acceptance of differences. In a turbulent era in which we face radical and potentially destructive changes on so many fronts, artists of the 2nd edition played an indispensable role in suggesting possible solutions thanks to their intelligence, diligence, determination and vision. After a 3 months exhibition of “social messages” and collecting 7082 votes from the public, the Organizing Committee is proud to announce the IBEX 2014 winners: 1st Winners: Yiota Ioannidou, Andreas Paraskeva, Andreas Makariou, Charis Paspallis, Demetris Makariou and Marouso Laouraki. ARTdeFACT Art Group from Cyprus. Artwork title: “depARTure”, installation. 2nd Winner: David Bartholomeo from France. Artwork: “War Games”, mini installations. 3rd Winner: Fabrizio Passarella from Italy. Artwork: “The last train from occupied Europe”, video, electronic music & graphics. Artistic director: Kikos Papadopoulos Curator: Gregory Frangos

    PARTICIPATED ARTISTS Afrodite Papadouli (Greece), Anas Homsi (Syria), Andrea Chantal Barthélémy (France), Andreas Makariou (Cyprus), Andreas Paraskeva (Cyprus), Andrew Petras (Greece), Ann CT Braunsteiner...


    Communication, Environmental Design

    (While creating or making anything; think about the life cycle of the new product)

    I. Reuse objects and materials that have already been made.

    II. Respect ecosystems and pollute as little as possible.

    III. Design objects using non-polluting reusable materials.

    IV. Pay attention to the production process: where does your product come from? And where will it be wasted? This is as important as the raw material, supplies and tools.

    V. Cut the use of polluting materials to a minimum.

    VI. Create objects with less components.

    VII. Avoid routines and predatory treatments such as galvanization, chromium plate or zincing that could pollute rivers and/or the atmosphere.

    VIII. Propose re-design when there is any risk of waste.

    IX. Before trashing select products that have already been used; look for leavings.

    X. While trashing; stop, think, reuse and then recycle.

    XI. If not in use, turn it off. Avoid “stand by” options; keep all equipment off while not in use.

    XII. Minimize water consume in all stages of life cycle of any given product.

    Manifesto launched in Belo Horizonte / Minas Gerais / Brazil in February 2009 by a group of designers.

  • Blast from the past!

    Environment, Industrial Design


    I was googling myself (who doesn't?!) and found this old post on apartment therapy from way back in the fall of 2007! There are more and better images of the product as it came to be at my partner Gary Palladino's website. I still believe that the footbike as a real place in urban culture. As I see the Union Square area growing and becoming more bike friendly, I'm also seeing a surge of scooters. The footbike as a bit of both...and has great promise for the urban landscape.

  • Esferas-rosas_177_

    Acabo de leer en dos blogs distintos, una referencia al campo, sus tierras, costumbres, no sentirse forastero, señores de..., virtudes del habitat fuera de las ciudades, el "ir con"(la naturaleza) que diría Joaquín Araujo. Blogs de dos personas(mejor tres, contando a Joaquín A.) bien diferentes, muy inteligentes llenas de creatividad e ingenio que ni se conocen y son de la vida pública con mayúsculas. Pues estas personas coinciden en experiencias, recalan en lo eterno, sienten igual , lo de siempre,aquello de - avanzar en nuestro favor- La mejor armonía es aquella que se integra sin esfuerzos-. Somos uno mas, con nuestros colores y matices, UNO MAS entre todos los "mas" que nos rodean, humanos, plantas, animales doméstico, salvajes...¿Por qué nuestro empeño en querer ser "uno menos" y desalojarnos de los hábitats tan inteligentes? . Nos pasamos horas,días, meses y años averiguando sus misteriosos proyectos de vida en nuestros laboratorios y copiándolos en nuestro beneficio y provecho. A cambio qué...¿qué damos a cambio de este uso y abuso? La palabra resultante, es tan fea que no la voy a pronunciar.

    Se habla continuamente de la aldea global, con referencia a la comunidad humana repartida por el planeta, mas que nada porque en los últimos cincuenta años -el despertar de las comunicaciones-, nos ha ido acercando unos a otros. Ya no hay distancias, no como antes. Y ese acercamiento, digamos de distancias geográficas, ta...

Founded in 1929 as an educational institution, The Museum of Modern Art is dedicated to being the foremost museum of modern art in the world.

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