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asia global energy - studfyler

asia global energy - studfyler

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  • Steam boilers can explode like bombs

    Communication, Communication Design Steam boilers are potential bombs, as was seen at the beginning of this month when an improvised boiler exploded with devastating force at a farm in Mount Hampden, killing three farm workers instantly. Boilers are packed with energy. They can explode with devastating force if not manufactured, installed and used with care and if not well maintained and periodically inspected by professional inspectors It is for this reason that there is legislation, the Factories and Works (Boiler) Regulations, RGN 279 of 1976, covering the manufacture, installation, use, maintenance and inspection of boilers. Steam boilers play an important role in many industrial sectors including the textile, sugar, tea and paper manufacturing sectors, hospitals, prisons, hotels, power generation, agriculture and forestry. The steam energy produced is used for energising materials and machinery and for process needs. In the case of the farm in Mount Hampden, the improvised boiler was intended for tobacco curing. The minimum compliance required by the legislation is that the equipment be manufactured to a standard approved by the Chief Inspector of Factories and Works under the supervision of an approved Independent Inspection Authority and that it should not be used without a valid certificate issued by NSSA upon satisfactory commissioning under the supervision of a NSSA Inspector of Factories and Works. Many users, especially in the...

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