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Cruse And Associates International Review

Cruse And Associates International Review

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    Whale of a Trade Revealed at Biggest U.S. Bank With Best Control

    “We are dead I tell you,” Bruno Iksil, a London-based trader at JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), messaged an associate on March 23, 2012. “It is hopeless now.”

    Iksil, a Frenchman who would soon become known as the London Whale because of the size of his trades, had lost $44 million on corporate-credit bets three days earlier and was down more than $500 million for the year, Bloomberg Markets will report in its July issue. He and junior trader Julien Grout, under pressure from their manager, had tried to hide the extent of losses that would swell to more than $6.2 billion, the bank’s biggest trading blunder ever.

    “They are going to destroy us,” Iksil wrote to Grout that Friday in one of hundreds of e-mails, instant messages, transcripts of recorded conversations and other documents released in March by the U.S. Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations after a nine-month probe.

    In a 301-page report and at a hearing, the panel accused the largest and most profitable U.S. bank of hiding losses, deceiving regulators and misinforming investors.

    The report, the bank’s own 129-page account and interviews with traders and current and former executives offer evidence of a widening spiral of panic as the losses became known beyond a small circle of traders and the extent of the damage reached top management, including Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon.

    Dimon’s Reputation The saga of the Lo...

  • How to acquire SUCCESS? cruse and associates accounting One word can define the reality of success. This is said to be very vital in every effort. One of the most important steps for most individual, regardless of the properties. As long as you have a good knowledge on it, then you can give out the true definition of success through laying the word-strategy into realism. Cruse and Associates defines strategy as it should be taken in order to acquire one or more organization goals. Moreover, it is also a general direction set for the company and its various components to achieve a desired state in the future which could result from the detailed strategic planning approach. This kind of approach is very popular with businesses which covers a variety of labor. Strategy, in short, bridges the gap between “where we are” and “where we want to be”.

    1. First things first, prioritize. When it comes to your business, you prioritize by focusing on: revenue, engagement and growth. Select whichever one you need to prioritize within a certain time frame and set milestones. Ask yourself: Which goals need to be accomplished now? Why is each one important? Will it affect something else, and to what degree? How committed am I to this priority? Clearly identify your role within each of these priorities. Are you leading a certain meeting, a participant, or just coordinating the details of a family ...
  • I en enestående kjennelse utnevnt en Delaware court på 28 mars en domstol offisielle å gripe eiendeler av Henan-baserte ZST Digital nettverk å kjøpe tilbake aksjer for en investor som saksøkte selskapet etter en April 2012 regnskap skandale.

    "Denne sak, som autorisert beslag av en stonewalling kinesiske selskapets eiendeler, samt en tilbakekjøp av retten pålagt, bør virkelig gi kinesiske selskaper som handel i USA [en] pause," kommentarer Ted Farris, en partner på New York-baserte law firm Dorsey & Whitney, i en e-post. "Denne saken vil effektivt hindre selskapet selv avslutter USA i en gå privat transaksjon før det avtaler med saksøker aksjonæren som nå har en US$ 32 millioner rette."

    Innsatsen av aksjonær, Peter Deutsch, blir vurdert basert på siste regnskapsoppgjøret arkivert med SEC - en 750% premie til gjeldende aksjekursen i OTC-markedet.

    ZST Digital leverer digital, og optisk utstyr til kabel utstyr operatører og ble innlemmet i den amerikanske staten Delaware, i 2006. Ordinære aksjer ble børsnotert i 2009 gjennom en omvendt fusjon - som er oppkjøpet av et aksjeselskap til å omgå lange anmeldelsen innebærer en børsnotering. I April, ble det annonsert en etterforskning mot selskapet grunnlag av oppblåste salgstall og falske skatt betaling krav. ZST Digital senere "gikk mørke" i August 2012 når det sluttet å filen årsregnskap med SEC.

    Saksøker Deutsch hadde søk...

  • The city's filmmakers have urged the government to act fast to revive the declining local film industry or face the demise of Hong Kong cinema. Industry professionals issued the call in the light of Ang Lee's latest Oscars victory as best director. Taiwan-born Lee thanked the city government of Taichung, west-central Taiwan, on Monday for raising NT$50 million (HK$13 million) to help build the site where most of his winning work, Life of Pi, was filmed. Compared with Taiwan, the Hong Kong government lacked flexibility and vision in its support of the movie industry, allowing a rigid funding framework to get in the way, local players said. Culture-sector lawmaker Ma Fung-kwok, a former film producer, said Hong Kong was unfocused in its support, a problem that was shown up by Lee's case. "The [Hong Kong] government is not enthusiastic enough." The government supports film projects and related work through its Film Development Fund, which offers grants to small and medium-sized productions. Since 2007, the fund has backed 22 film productions and 79 related projects as of October last year, approving funding of HK$320 million. Film Awards Association director Tenky Tin Kai-man said the government could be more proactive in its support. "But the industry needs to be clear about what we want, so that we can change the current support framework," Tin said. Canto-pop star and award-winning actor Leon Lai Ming has reservations about excessive direct government supp...

Cruse And Associates International Review

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