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    The Avanti Group LLC Recruiting & Leadership 10 Scams Aimed at Getting Your Money

    If you receive an email purported to be from a Nigerian prince eager to share his fortune — well, surely you know by now that you are looking at some scam. But beyond such familiar frauds are more creative schemes concocted by swindlers eager to steal your identity or separate you from your hard-earned cash. Cindy Oetjen, a Marion County deputy prosecutor, monitors scammers’ tactics as part of her job. “They can be pretty innovative,” Oetjen said. Here are 10 types of scams Oetjen has identified:

    Charity imposters Although they can strike anytime, these fakers pounce in the wake of tragedies to take advantage of people’s compassion. They claim to represent a charity or charitable cause, taking up collections they claim will benefit an ill child or grieving family or disaster-stricken community or some other object of legitimate concern. What to do: Check out lists of charities on or at, the website of the Better Business Bureau. Direct your donations to charities you can find listed via such legitimate channels.

    Cellphone scams Scammers use computers that call cellphone numbers and hang up after one ring. If you’re curious enough to call back, not only will you incur a $19.95 charge for an international call — since most of these scammers appear to be based overseas — but you’ll also be charged a certain fee per minute that also will show up on your ...

  • Fraud-photo1_177_


    If a New Yorker’s credit card is used to buy jewellery in Bangkok, the bank might suspect that it has been stolen.

    However, if half an hour before, their partner’s card on the same account has been used at a restaurant in the same city, the bank could surmise the couple are on holiday.

    Data analytics allows checks such as this to happen in seconds – the time between the card being inserted into an electronic reader and its authorisation, says Paul Eagles, vice-president of product and future payment risk at Visa Europe.s

    It is a far cry from the situation 20 years ago, when attempting to use your credit card seven times in a day, or spending more than £1,500 on a single transaction, might well have led to your card being blocked.

    “Fraud detection needs to be as unobtrusive as possible,” says Mr Eagles. “The challenge is not to inconvenience customers.”

    In addition to speeding up security checks, data analytics improves detection rates by allowing many factors to be considered simultaneously. In the past, financial institutions set “rules” that computers checked to decide whether or not to allow transactions. But this meant predicting what might constitute suspicious behaviour.

    Now, rule checking is used in combination with technologies such as anomaly modelling, text mining, predictive modelling, data validation and social network analysis.

    This helps banks to spot the tell-tale signs they might never have previously thought of – the “unknown...

  • Shinzo_abe_177_


    Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s top economic chiefs have failed to agree on a contentious corporate tax cut amid lingering skepticism that the move will bolster the deflation-mired economy and amid pressure on business leaders to raise wages.

    Abe, Finance Minister Taro Aso and economic and fiscal policy minister Akira Amari met Friday to put the final touches on an economic stimulus package, including the corporate tax reduction, in an attempt to soften the blow to the economy of the planned sales tax hike to 8 percent next April from the current 5 percent.

    But Amari, a proponent of cutting business taxes, told reporters after the meeting that the details of the package “have yet to be decided,” indicating the three were unable to meet halfway over the issue.

    Abe is eager to decrease the corporate tax rate to a level that could stoke the real economy, while Aso, who also serves as deputy prime minister, is opposed to an aggressive tax cut, given Japan’s precarious fiscal health, the worst among major industrialized economies.

    At a news conference earlier Friday, Amari said the government plans to terminate, by a year earlier than planned, a special corporate tax surcharge that was introduced to finance reconstruction projects in areas wrecked by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

    Scrapping this surcharge at the end of fiscal 2013 next March, which will reduce the current overall tax rate of around 38 percent on Tokyo-based firms by some 2 percentage point...

  • The Avanti Group: 2020 Olympics

    Community, Communication Design

    The world may be increasingly unstable, riven by economic woes and political upheaval. Yet still they come. Perhaps not in such great numbers as when the global economy was soaring to new heights, but they come all the same: the world's great cities and their leaders, lining up in a beauty pageant to secure the event that has become all things to all people – a panacea that can distract from a country's woes or underline their ambition on a global scale.

    At the International Olympic Committee's session in Buenos Aires next weekend, protests and turmoil will seem a world away amid the polite protocol and arcane traditions of the body that will bestow the gift of the 2020 Olympics on Madrid, Istanbul or Tokyo.

    The first is still in the grip of economic meltdown, the second made global headlines as the centre of political revolt in Taksim Square and the third has convinced many of the 104 voting IOC members that it can host the Games, but has much work to do persuading them why.

    The six candidates to replace Jacques Rogge as the IOC president and arguably the most important person in world sport, in a vote that will also be decided in Buenos Aires, have lined up to argue that the costs of bidding for and staging the Olympic Games must come down. Yet there appears no sign of the bidding circus and the media frenzy that surrounds it being reduced in scale.

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  • Virus mål sociala nätverk i nya bedrägerier twist

    Communication, Communication Design



    I en värld av cyber bedrägeri, kan en falsk fläkt på Instagram vara fem gånger mer värd än stulna kreditkortsnummer.

    Som sociala medier har blivit alltmer inflytelserika forma rykte, har hackare använt sina datorkunskaper för att skapa och sälja falska påskrifter - som "gillar" och "efterföljare" - som utger sig för att komma från användare av Facebook, dess foto-dela app Instagram, Twitter, Googles YouTube, LinkedIn och andra populära webbplatser .

    I den senaste twist, har ett datavirus som ofta används för att stjäla kreditkortsuppgifter, känd som Zeus, ändrats för att skapa falska Instagram "gillar" som kan användas för att generera buzz för företag eller enskilda, enligt cyber experter på RSA, security division of EMC Corp

    Dessa falska "gillar" säljs i partier av 1000 på hacker Internetforum, där cyberbrottslingar också flog kreditkortsnummer och annan information som stulits från datorer. Enligt RSA, 1000 Instagram "efterföljare" kan köpas för US$ 15 och 1000 Instagram "gillar" gå för US$ 30, medan 1000 kreditkort nummer kostar så lite som $6.

    Det kan verka konstigt att falska sociala medier konton skulle vara värt mer än riktiga kreditkortsnummer, men online marknadsföring experter säger att vissa människor är villiga att spendera mycket för att göra ett stänk på Internet, söker buzz för sin egen skull eller affärssyfte, som att göra en ny produkt som verkar pop...

  • Android_malware_177_

    Significant rises in mobile malware, specifically for Android, has been detected over the past six months. According to research from Fortinet, it has detected a 30 per cent increase in mobile malware over the last six months, with more than 1,300 new samples per day. Similar research by Trend Micro uncovered 718,000 malicious Android apps in the first half of 2013.

    In its security roundup report, it said that from 509,000 spotted in the first quarter of 2013, Trend Micro predicted that the number of malicious Android apps would top the million mark before the end of the year.

    In particular, data-stealing malware was on the rise, while malware had been found on the official Google Play store.

    Fortinet said that it was currently tracking over 300 unique Android malware families and over 250,000 unique malicious Android samples. AxelleApvrille, senior mobile anti-virus researcher for Fortinet'sFortiGuard Labs, said: “Three years ago, mobile malware wasn't much of a concern, and most malware at the time targeting smartphones and tablets was nothing more than 'annoyware' such as the Cabir virus or scam software used to commit SMS fraud or replace icons.

    “However, as devices have proliferated, so too have cyber criminals eager to capitalise on the growing user base. Our research shows the proliferation of mobile malware will not abate anytime soon.”

    JD Sherry, vice president, techn...

  • Asian shares down after disappointing US

    Communication, Communication Design

    Source HONG KONG, Aug 5 — Major Asian markets were mostly lower today after lower-than-expected US jobs growth sounded a warning about the recovery of the world’s biggest economy.

    Investors failed to follow Wall Street, which closed last week on record highs despite the job figures indicating that growth remains sluggish. Tokyo fell 1.44 per cent or 208.12 points to close at 14,258.04, Seoul dropped 0.37 per cent or 7.16 points to 1,916.22, and Sydney fell 0.11 per cent or 5.5 points to 5,111.3.

    In the afternoon Hong Kong was up 0.17 per cent and Shanghai rose 0.36 per cent.

    Markets in the region were digesting Friday’s Labor Department figures, which showed the United States added just 162,000 jobs in July, well below the 175,000 increase expected by analysts.

    The unemployment rate fell to 7.4 per cent from 7.6 per cent in June. The data will serve as an indicator of when the Federal Reserve may rein in its bond-buying programme, with sluggish growth suggesting any scaling back of the massive stimulus scheme will be delayed.

    Despite the disappointing figures leading to an initial dip, Wall Street saw a late surge to end the week at a record high, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average closing up 0.19 per cent or 30.34 points at 15,658.36. The broad-market S&P 500 ended up 0.16 per cent or 2.80 points at 1,709.67. The release at the weekend of a slightly improved Chinese non-manufacturing purchasing managers’ index (PMI) failed to give Asian stocks a boost.


  • Tag7

    the avanti group, High-End Homes: This $1.58 million listing offers private elegance just minutes away from downtown


    GRAND RAPIDS TOWNSHIP, MI-AJ Birkbeck sanoo 4,2 hehtaarin hän myy 2093 Robinson Road SE tarjoaa "läheisyys ja yksityisyyttä.

    Vain kahdeksan minuutin päässä Grand Rapids sijaitseva mansion lähellä Fisk järvelle ja Aquinas College on piilossa kadulle puiden ja pitkä ajotieltä, että tuulet ohi lampi edessä kotiin.

    Rakennettu vuonna 1927 ja suurelta osin ennalleen sen jälkeen, 35 huoneen valkoinen tiili residence myös on täynnä historiaa ja tyylikkyyttä.

    "Jokainen, joka on omistanut talon on mielestään järjestyksenvalvojan talon," sanoo Birkbeck, jotka on lueteltu omaisuutta $1,58 miljoonaa ja Grand Rapids Realty. "Se on onnekas. Tässä talossa on niin paljon että on alkuperäinen."

    Louis A. Cornelius, Wolverine messinki Co perustaja rakennettu koti on vielä suurin osa alkuperäisen messinki valaisimet. Todistus sen perustaja siteet LVI-toimialaa talossa on 12 kylpyhuoneet.

    High-End Homes

    Tämä on yksi satunnainen joukko artikkeleita featuring high-end asuntoa Länsi Michigan. Tässä ovat samanlaisia tarinoita olemme julkaisseet viime aikoina:

    • Tämä 12,9 miljoonaa dollaria listalle Mullett Lake tarjoaa parhaat lakefront living

    • Tämä 6,9 miljoonaa kartano Charlevoix ystävät ympäri Lake on veneilijän paratiisi

    • Miljardööri 10 miljoonaa dollaria kotiin Michiganjärven nousee a...

  • Source the avanti group article prcode81345782170 TAG ALBANY, Ga. — Beverly King on Briercliff Lane received a phone call from a stranger recently. She said the man, who spoke with a heavy Indian accent, informed her of a virus infection in her computer but he was ready to fix the problem. “He told me his name was John Anderson and that he worked for Microsoft,” King said. “I didn’t believe that for a minute, but he was very insistent and almost demanded that I turn on my computer so I could see what he was saying. He got upset when I wouldn’t do it.”

    King said it obvious to her the whole thing was a scam. She knew already that Microsoft “never makes cold calls about computers.” She was right. Microsoft states repeatedly and in many separate sources that they never call people about their computers. Other Albany residents have reported receiving similar calls. Almost certainly, King was the intended victim of an international “boiler room” scam originating in India. According to consumer information issued by the Federal Trade Commission, tens of thousands of people have been convinced to pay for needless “fixes” for malware or virus infections.

    This is how it works, says the FTC: Organized scammers scan English-speaking phone books for likely victims. After getting their prospects to the phone, the scammers first claim they’ve detected malware on the prospects’ computers. Then, according to an October 2012 article in “theguardian,” victims are d...

  • Onvolledige verbranding kan koolmonoxide - CO - genereren in de ketel - re-ignition kan leiden tot rampzalige gevolgen voor zowel personeel als eigenschap Voor juiste verbranding en veiligheid voorzorgsmaatregelen is het nodig om de boiler room met passende openingen voor aanvoer van verse lucht. Tijdelijke lucht inname zoals ramen en deuren moeten vermeden worden omdat ze kunnen worden gesloten (en vaak ze zijn wanneer personen in de boiler room koud voelt) - het afsnijden van de ketel luchttoevoer.

    Als verbranding luchttoevoer beperkt is begint het vuur te roken. Onvolledige verbranding optreden en koolmonoxide wordt gegenereerd. Als het vuur dooft alvorens het detectiesysteem vlam handelt om te sluiten van de brandstof veiligheid uitschakeltijd klep, geaccumuleerde brandstof kan opnieuw ontbranden wanneer zuurstof door scheuren en spleten sijpelt. Een oven explosie kan optreden met rampzalige gevolgen voor personeel en eigenschap.

    voldoende luchttoevoer dient te minimaliseren de mogelijkheid van explosie Codes aanpak van het bedrag van de verbrandingslucht of grootte van de opening in de muur voor verbrandingslucht in de boiler room:

    ASME CSD-1-Controls en veiligheidsvoorzieningen voor automatisch gestookte ketels, 1992 met addendum 1a 1993. sectie CG-260 verbrandingslucht. ASME afdeling VI aanbevolen regels voor de zorg en de activiteiten van verwarming ketels. NFPA 54 - nationale brandstof Gas Code, 1992, sectie 5.3 lucht voor verbranding en ventilatie. NFPA 31 - inst...

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