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NY de Volunteer

NY de Volunteer

Communication, Arts & Culture, Education

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  • NY de Volunteer Institutional Relations Department July 9, 2008

    NYC Kids Explore Japanese Culture Explore Japanese Culture: An After-School Program Sponsored by Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees

    NY de Volunteer, a non-profit organization, held a very successful program called “Explore Japanese Culture: An After-School Program” recognized by the City of New York at six recreational centers located around Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx from September 2007 to June 2008.

    The objective of this program is to offer children in the local communities of New York an experience of other cultures and expand their expand their horizons in an effort to foster a new generation of global citizens. The program met weekly for two-hour sessions in the evening, gathering almost 50 children between the ages of six and thirteen and immersing them in a multifaceted experience of Japanese lifestyle and culture, including Japanese language, games, food, martial arts, tea ceremony, and dance. Furthermore, we invited Americans with experience living in Japan as guest speakers and potential role models for the children.

    Today, in a world where diversity education is required more than ever, this type of hands-on cultural program is a first – even for New York City. The children learned about Japan - a faraway country which they knew little or nothing about - learned to look at the world with different eyes, and developed a curiosity for unfamiliar traditions. On the final day of thi...

  • We introduce Japanese culture by conducting "Explore Japanese Culture! an Afterschool Program" originally planned by NY de Volunteer, as one of the after school programs provided by New York City. The goal of this program is to provide young children in NY with opportunities to cultivate a sense of “Global citizenship” by coming into a different culture and value. This program will satisfy educational needs of New York City which is notable for its diversity education (education about variety of people).

    New York City is known as a melting pot of the race. However, children in the inner city area where many of its residents are low-income families, are surrounded by the people with similar background, and have only a little opportunity to have cross cultural experience in their development process. Cross cultural experience is very important for the growth of a child to be receptive and respectful of cultural differences.

    Programs will be held at four locations; Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, and Brooklyn. Some of the locations may take 30 minutes to an hour to reach from Manhattan, and it might be inconvenient for volunteers. However, the distance from Manhattan should be the reason of a little cultural exchange opportunity for children, and then the reason for volunteers to visit those locations. Volunteers would meet at the metro station on the way to the location when the it is far from Manhattan, and NYdV staff will facilitate volunteers to enjoy the ...

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    With your support, NY de Volunteer has been able to provide community service to over 70,000 beneficiaries by working with more than 3,500 volunteers in over 350 activities to enhance social service and mutual understanding between Americans and Japanese since its founding in May 2002. In order to further promote our mission, we need $60,000 in additional funding. Your support as a NYdV sponsor is really appreciated and we ask you to please consider the following Sponsor Options:

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