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Abney Associates Hong Kong

Abney Associates Hong Kong

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  • abney and associates technology news article, Cybercrime drive stepped up



    abney and associates technology news article RAJKOT: Intensifying its drive against cybercrime, Junagadh police have made it compulsory for all the cyber cafes to install special software in their systems. Superintendent of police (SP) Dipanker Trivedi recently convened a meeting of all the cyber cafe owners to educate cyber cafe owners about the information technology (IT) act and brief them about cybercrime that may take place while using their computers. "They were asked to install the software "iCafe Manager" in all the computers of their cyber cafes. It ensures that the cyber cafes maintain all the necessary logs of users and thereby abide by the IT act. Moreover, this software is available free of cost. We will ensure that it is installed in all cyber cafes in the district," said Trivedi. Police sub-inspector of the Special Operations Group (SOG) R J Chaudhary said there are over 36 cyber cafes in the district. "At present, cyber cafes have to use a register to take down each customer's details. The new software will render this process redundant. Also, it is not possible for the cafe owners to maintain other important records like the user's web history which is of importance to law enforcement agencies while investigating a crime and also a must for the owners as per the IT act. This software will take care of all such issues. User details can only be edited after due verification by cafe owners and thus tracking users becomes easier," said Chaudhary. It will also help the police monitor all cyber cafes from a centralized system.

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