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The cornerstone of NYChildren is a photography project that involves photographing one child from every country on earth that currently lives in New York City. Children throughout the city's five boroughs from 130 countries have been photographed so far. This project has been featured extensively in local and national media; including on the cover of LIFE magazine on June 2, 2006.The ongoing mission is to gather and nurture an inclusive community of children and create opportunities for them to meet, learn about each other, and form friendships. The projects that will enable us to pursue and promote this mission include a Playdate Project, Gathering Project, Online Community Project and the NYChildrenTV Project.

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  • Danny Goldfield
  • mabuno
  • Elizabeth Polasky
  • Javaughn Fernanders
  • Kristina Drury
  • Malcolm Lawrence

photographing one child from every country on earth, in NYC

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