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Love Heals

Love Heals

Well-being, Education

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Love Heals empowers young people in New York City and elsewhere to make informed choices by educating them about and increasing their awareness of HIV/AIDS, placing a special emphasis on outreach to high-risk communities.


The Love Heals Speakers Bureau is composed of an extraordinarily diverse roster of trained health educators and people of all ages living with HIV. Workshops include the basic facts on HIV/AIDS, the personal perspective of someone living with HIV and a question and answer session. Speakers use their own stories to reinforce the message that young people must protect themselves. Members of the Love Heals Speakers Bureau facilitate HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention workshops in a wide variety of settings—from secondary schools to universities, from church groups to prisons—with groups ranging from 8 to 800.

The Leadership, Empowerment and Awareness Program for Girls (LEAP for Girls) seeks to train a new generation of community educators and activists in those areas of NYC that have felt the greatest impact from the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Ali Gertz: In Her Own Words includes a 14-minute educational documentary that chronicles the last four years of Alison Gertz’s life, from shortly after her diagnosis with HIV in 1988 to her death in 1992. Reinforcing Ali’s story is the companion lesson guide, designed to foster continued exploration of this powerful video.

Love Heals believes that young people have a right to accurate, nonjudgmental and culturally relevant HIV/AIDS information. Love Heals lends its name, voice and resources to efforts to promote HIV/AIDS education, including participating in press interviews, panel discussions, public hearings and community forums. Love Heals is a founding member of the Sex Education Alliance of New York City and the Young Women of Color HIV/AIDS Coalition.


Alison Gertz was infected with HIV through a single sexual encounter when she was 16. Six years later, she was diagnosed with both HIV and full-blown AIDS. At the time there was little information on women and HIV, so Ali made the decision to go public with her story and quickly rose to become an internationally recognized spokesperson for AIDS awareness and prevention.

In her final years, Ali devoted what time her health allowed to providing young people with the information they needed to protect themselves—information that could have prevented her from contracting HIV. She knew that if it had happened to her, it could happen to anyone.

When Ali died in 1992, her three best friends—Stefani Greenfield, Victoria Leacock and Dini von Mueffling—founded Love Heals, the Alison Gertz Foundation for AIDS Education to further her work.

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Empower people in New York City to make informed choices by educating them about and increasing their awareness of HIV/AIDS.

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