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Hass and Associates Cyber Security

Hass and Associates Cyber Security


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    Hass_and_associates_cyber_security_432_ Believed to have originated from MIT between the 50s and 60s, hacker ethics are like unwritten rules, guiding philosophy and morals, that are silently observed by the hacking community. They are not actually discussed or debated but understood, accepted and agreed (by their community) implicitly. Hackers are staunch supporters of open-source software and freeware because of the nature behind those that allow them to access the source code (useful in reuse and improvement). Access to anything that can teach people something should not be limited as we understand more on how things work the more we tinker.They are also firm believers that information must be free to all for the purpose of reinvention, improvement and repair. For them, free exchange of data fosters more creativity. Hackers argue that people effectively learn from and improve existing systems and ideas if there is more access, ergo more technological improvement.Hackers follow a system based on merits and skill where demographic criteria are deemed irrelevant. See this video:

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hass and associates cyber security

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Hass and Associates Cyber Security

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