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    Solar, utility companies clash over changes to net metering

    In the sunny Southwest, a fight between utilities and solar companies is heating up, casting a shadow over future renewable energy growth.

    At stake are revisions to net metering, a key incentive for rooftop solar installations in the United States. Under these policies, the utility gives the homeowner a credit for the energy his rooftop photovoltaic panels put onto the grid that is subtracted from the electricity his home uses when the sun isn't shining.

    Currently, 43 states, the District of Columbia and four U.S. territories have net metering policies in place, with differing capacity limits. Under the Energy Policy Act of 2005, all public utilities are required to offer net metering to customers upon request.

    According to the Energy Information Administration, the number of residential net-metered utility customers exploded from almost zero in 2003 to more than 300,000 in 2012. Falling panel prices, coupled with attractive incentives, expanded the market for rooftop solar. Last month, even the White House installed a rooftop solar array.

    This rapid growth is leading some utilities to rethink rules favoring solar energy, citing unexpected consequences and issues of fairness. But rooftop solar developers are aggressively pushing back, accusing utilities of attempting to quash an emerging competitor and entrenching their energy monopoly.

    A proposed surcharge

    Arizona's main electric utility, Arizona Publ...

  • Crown Capital Management Jakarta Indonesia

    Environment, Environmental Design

    Crown Capital Management Jakarta Indonesia, crown jakarta capital eco management news

    Crown Capital Eco Management works with government bodies, international entities, private sectors and other non-governmental organizations in providing extensive information to the public, media and policymakers that are involved in addressing environmental issues and sustainable initiatives in a worldwide scale. Though our group does not personally conduct research, we analyze and review both recent and old data on technical and socio-economic sectors that are relevant to our field, which is environment preservation.

    We are composed of volunteer professionals in the scientific sector, supported by various agencies around the world. Our group is an independent organization supporting programs involving climate change, biodiversity, organic pollutants and greenhouse gases, to name a few.

    Crown Capital Management Jakarta Indonesia, crown jakarta capital eco management news

  • Warmer Climate causes Greener Arctic | Zimbio

    Environment, Environmental Design



    Researchers say, elevated temperatures and a longer growing season mean some of Earth’s chilliest regions are looking increasingly green.

    As reported and base from the new study, at present the plant life at northern latitudes often looks like the vegetation researchers would have observed up to 430 miles (700 kilometers) farther south in 1982.

    “It’s like Winnipeg, Manitoba, moving to Minneapolis-Saint Paul in only 30 years,” study researcher Compton Tucker of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., said in a statement.

    A team of university and NASA scientists including Tucker looked at 30 years’ worth of satellite and land surface data on vegetation growth from 45 degrees north latitude to the Arctic Ocean. The researchers suggest that, in this region, large patches of lush vegetation now stretch over an area about the size of the continental United States and resemble what was found 4 to 6 latitude degrees to the south in 1982.

    “Higher northern latitudes are getting warmer, Arctic sea ice and the duration of snow cover are diminishing, the growing season is getting longer and plants are growing more,” climate scientist Ranga Myneni of Boston University said in a statement, adding that the changes are leading to great disruptions for the region’s ecosystems....

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    crown capital eco management environmental risks gas boilers

    SIR – Peter Foster argues that in Britain we should all pay attention to the story of shale gas extraction in Pennsylvania, where public fear centres on environmental pollution issues (“Now for the downside of fracking”, Comment, February 20).

    I am chairman of a joint working group of The Royal Academy of Engineering and The Royal Society that published a joint review last year of the health, safety and environmental risks associated with hydraulic fracturing. The report concluded that these risks can be managed in Britain, but only if operational best practices are implemented and enforced through strong regulation. The Department of Energy and Climate Change has now accepted all of the review’s recommendations, including making environmental risk assessments mandatory for all shale gas operations. Environmental risks must be assessed across the life cycle of shale gas operations, including water use and waste disposal, seismicity, and the abandonment of wells after operations have ceased. Local communities must participate in these assessments from the outset.

    Your article referred to the widespread concern in America about the environmental impact of fracking, and noted cases of improper operational practices. Poorly constructed wells could lead to instances of contamination. ...


    crown management international capital relations blog How Not To Get Scammed At The Jakarta Airport Like Me

    It’s my second time at the Soekarno-Hatta International airport and I could not fathom my stupidity this time around. You think being in the same place knowing the same story makes one wiser right? Not me! If you have read my post about my first experience at the very same airport you’d know that I was able to handle those infamous touts pretty well.

    It was barely 3 months since my last trip to Jakarta. I slept at the airport so I know the terminal and the drill. Avoid the touts and wait for the bus. But somehow all those information dissolved in the cigarette smoke filled air of Jakarta. I found myself inside a van heading to Terminal 3 with 200,000 rupiahs gone out of my pocket. It was one of those surreal moments where you are in deep shit trouble at the back of a moving car. Alone. At midnight.

    Here’s how and why the stupidity happened.

    There is this one annoying guy I chatted with at the boarding gate of NAIA Terminal 3. I am not easily annoyed but man was he snooty and being too friendly. At first he was being helpful, telling me about the good places to see in Java, how he’s been there 4 times already and yada yada yada. But then he’s gone personal and tried to be too close for comfort. Asking about my life, getting my number and shit. Did I mention he was old and big bellie...


    jakarta news articles crown management

    Another Beautiful City Mankind Starts to DestroyTruly Asia, Malaysia lives up to its slogan. Truly a remarkable paradise this country was andstill rising, Malaysia has become one of the world’s favorite for travel enthusiasts.and rainforests, mountains and minarets, skycrapers and sampans; are only few to more funMalaysia can offer.If you are a city tripper or a nature lover, Malaysia is a great option for travelers. Consideredas one of the ‘Asian tiger’, Malaysia paved its way to becoming one of the travelling capitalby offering two countries for the price of one. Peninsular Malaysia, bordering Thailand at thesouthern end of the Malay peninsula, and East Malaysia, the northern half of the island ofBorneo, which pushes up against Indonesia and Brunei.

    Malaysia enjoyed remarkable growth over the last few decades, with industrialization,agriculture and tourism playing leading roles in this success story. Tigers may be fierce butwhen nature calls, no one can escape her. A tropical natural bounty like Malaysia, can shekeep her treasures when the one who truly owns this treasure steel it from her? And worse,what if her people are the ones who are destroying her; could she escape it or will face herbreakdown?Despite a relatively positive environmental record, Malaysia faces problems of deforestation,pollution of inland and marine ...


    crown capital eco management environmental news

    The heavily forested city of Ketchikan, Alaska, is built on rock and surrounded by water. Every commodity that comes into Ketchikan must arrive by sea or air. The use of fuel oil is problematic for both economic and environmental reasons because the oil must be obtained and refined elsewhere and transported (using additional fuel). What's more, fuel oil is subject to price instability.

    Southeast Alaska Discovery Center in Ketchikan, which provides information to more than a million visitors each year, is the site of a pilot biomass boiler system now coming to life. Two oil-fired boilers serving the 250,000-sq-ft center were replaced with a highly efficient system fueled by local wood. Manufactured by Hurst Boiler & Welding Company Inc., the hot-water boiler was custom-designed to fit within very limited indoor space.

    Under the direction of E. Dane Ash, project manager for Tyonek-Alcan Pacific LLC, the biomass boiler system was developed with Hurst representative Gregory W. Smith of Global Energy Solutions Inc. to address environmental concerns, as well as issues related to building space, fuel costs, comfort, reliability, and simplicity of operation.

    The new boiler is located on the lower level of the Discovery Center, which requires heating for a minimum of nine months a year. Local wood densified i...


    crown eco natural gas, crown management environmental contribution

    The economic development of one country is dependent upon the ability of the authorities to set up a highly suitable, competitive and reliable electricity sector. Why is natural gas better than coal boilers?

    Only when there is extreme environmental pressure or substantial reduction in loads that conversion from coal to 100% natural gas is possible.

    Not until the 20th century until natural gas was used for production of energy, it was dismissed as a useless byproduct of crude oil production until then. But now natural gas accounts for 23 percent of the world’s energy consumption and still growing. The International Energy Agency predicts that the demand for natural gas will grow by approximately 44 percent through 2035.

    Natural gas is the cleanest-burning conventional fuel not to mention it has been one of the most economical energy sources. It is an environmentally friendly and efficient source of energy. It produces lower levels of greenhouse gas emissions than heavier hydrocarbon fuels such as coal and oil. Natural gas fuels electric power generators, heats buildings and is used as a raw material in many consumer products, such as those made of traditional plastics. However, natural gas has never been a cheaper fuel than coal.

    Coal is one of the longest-used and is considered as the most abundant fossil fuels on Earth. Coal mining has been going on since th...

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