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    Communication, Industrial Design

    Scams are all over Facebook. There are stories telling users that Facebook will end on a certain date, miracle diet pills, celebrity sex tapes, and other shady posts. With a little vigilance, though, users can make sure that they’re not continuing the chain. Miranda Perry, staff writer for Scambook, spoke with AllFacebook about ways that people can make sure that they’re not giving away information to scammers or spamming their friends’ News Feeds with malicious links.

    Scambook is a complaint-resolution platform where customers can air their grievances and let others know about unscrupulous business practices and identity theft. The company also informs people of scams on social media, using its blog to write about the newest hoaxes that are going viral on Facebook.

    Perry shared with AllFacebook some ways that users can protect themselves (and their friends) from Facebook scams.

    Consider The Source One of the most common Facebook scams involves links that either infect computers with malware or automatically share content to users’ Timelines. Perry said that by taking a couple of extra seconds to examine not only suspicious links, but the people who shared them, people can protect themselves.

    For instance, if a fitness buff friend shares a link showing how she’s lost 30 pounds by using a weird old trick, or if a pastor shares a link purportedly showing Rihanna’s sex tape, odds are extremely high that it’s a scam. Perry said red flags should go up whenever someone ...

  • Willkommen auf Abney Associates

    Community, Environmental Design

    Abney Associates Profis ansprechen, Verständnis und dynamisch. Unsere Fachleute sind verpflichtet, die höchste Leistungen mit Integrität und größter ethisches Verhalten bieten. Wir bieten eine breite Palette von Lösungen, die wir anpassen können rund ein Kunden Ziele.

    Wir suchen einen Kunden finanzielle Situation auf einer eins zu eins Ein hervorragender Service, unübertroffen, basierend auf gut recherchierte hochwertige Informationen zu verstehen.

    Abney Associates wird alles tun, um dazu beizutragen, erfolgreiche Unternehmen. Wir freuen überlegene Return on Investment durch die Partnerschaft mit der vielversprechendsten Start-ups, die das Potenzial für hohe Wachstumsraten haben erstellen.

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    We view reporting as the end of one branch in the overall process stream and work to being information into final form tools for analysis and reporting.

    We enhance existing through various tools, usually resident in most client sites.

    We have developed solutions which clients have found attractive and can be flexible while maintaining referential and data control standards.

    We work with clients to develop or enhance their reporting strategy as well as develop new information from the wealth of data stored int he systems.

  • Abney Associates-Effect

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    The Abney effect describes the perceived hue shift that occurs when white light is added to a monochromatic light source.

    The addition of white light will cause a desaturation of the monochromatic source, as perceived by the human eye. However, a less intuitive effect of the white light addition that is perceived by the human eye is the change in the dominant wavelength that dictates which color is observed, or change in hue. This simultaneous hue shift phenomenon cannot be measured by experimental instruments; it is only discernible in the eye.

    This variance of hue as a result of the addition of white light was first described by the English chemist and physicist Sir William de Wiveleslie Abney in 1909, although the date is commonly reported as 1910. A white light source is created by the combination of red light, blue light, and green light. Sir Abney demonstrated that the cause of the apparent change in hue was the red light and green light that comprise the white light, and the blue light component of white light had no contribution to the Abney effect.

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