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Kath Hass and Associates

Kath Hass and Associates

Well-being, Communication, Community

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  • Kathleen B. (Kitty) Hass

    Community, Industrial Design


    The Award Winning Author, Consultant, Facilitator, and Presenter

    Complex Project Management

    Bring our new CPM Workshop to your organization

    Finally Getting It Right: Complex Project Management, a 21st Century Imperative -Diagnose the complexity of your most critical projects -Identify complexity management strategies to use to significantly increase the probability of project success.

    Participate in our CPM Research Projectto baseline the current complexity levels of today’s projects. You will receive a valuable report on the complexity of your current project.

    Investigate the only CPM Assessment Services available in the marketplace today, to baseline the maturity of your current capabilities and the competency levels of your PMs and assist you in developing your CPM improvement and professional development plans.

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Kath Hass and Associates

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Kath Hass and Associates


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