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Newport International Group(NIG)

Newport International Group(NIG)


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    International Fashion & Style; Daks ... London FW Spring 2014 Photos

    Daks is a brand that most will not recall. The reason being is that you have to be of a certain age to know that Daks was a leader in the raincoat business at about the same time Burberry was only known as a maker of raincoats. Daks was a constant presence in advertising and was considered to be amongst the more prestigious of manufacturers and I believe they were only in the men’s business. Okay, history lesson fini! Fast forward to the 21st century and we have a rehabilitation of the brand as well as hopes for a resuscitation of the brand. There have been glimmers of hope that Daks can possibly follow in the tracks of its sister brand Burberry and this season provides a look into further possibilities of that happening.

    The collection offers a certain chic and raffine quality that is a very welcomed sight during these times of trend driven collections. The clothes are classic without being boring and the presentation certainly belied the brand’s renaissance as the clothes are self-assured and more the product of a brand that has been already been established for some time … THINK VERY Michael Kors. The more conservative trademark plaid that is the Daks DNA is put to good use without being offensive. The georgette capes are a bit de trop at times but do have a redeeming quality when used effectively. There is a great feeling of clean sportswear… some lean some more fluid.

    If Mr. Scuffi can build from this presentation, the brand can certainly emerge as a formidable contender in the prestige brand category. Will it be the blockbuster that is Burberry?? … I doubt it, but it surely has a place with those who are not as trend driven as the “larger plaid’s” client.

    Keep your eye on this one … it’s a 50/50 shot, but it might just turn out to be the next mega brand.

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