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  • Delhi police have stumbled upon a new modus operandi of e-banking fraudsters in which they first hack the internet banking account of the target and then get mobile number blocked to prevent the bank customer from receiving SMS alerts about illegal transactions made by them.

    In a recent case, two Nigerians were arrested by the staff of South Delhi police for allegedly swindling Rs 70 lakh from the bank account of an NRI based in Japan.

    Police seized three laptops from them containing banking data of around 1.5 core people. During interrogation, the duo told police about the new modus operandi in which hackers first hack data of bank customers from its website which contains the internet banking Id, passwords, other basic details and the mobile number on which SMS alerts are sent in case of a transaction from the account.

    "Armed with this information, fraudsters reach retail outlet of the mobile service provider and get the number blocked on the pretext that the SIM along with the mobile handset has been stolen or was lost.

    "As they already know the name and address of the owner of the mobile number through hacking, they even get a duplicate SIM issued of the same number," said a senior police official.

    As per police, there have been a number of such cases in the recent past in which transactions worth lakhs were made after getting the number blocked.

    On August 13, Basanta Kumar, Country Head of Bangladesh of Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) h...

  • Colossus_of_rhodes_177_

    The web giants are rising above humans and their petty rules, and that worries me

    The titans of the web are rebels, playing by their own rules. That is to be applauded at times, but we should also be thinking about the wider, long-term implications for society and fair competition. I read a great Tumblr post today. No idea who wrote it, but it’s an expression of extreme annoyance with Google, PayPal and other online behemoths that have grown way beyond the “startup” stage but that still don’t provide proper, human customer support because it’s hard to scale at low cost. “It’s easy to make big money when you get to keep all the profits,” the Glass Balcony post points out, before complaining about the impact of these low-outlay ways on real people:

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  • Abney and Associates news story

    Communication, Communication Design Google loses German 'auto-complete' case PETER LLOYD: The German version of internet search engine Google will be forced to filter its auto-complete function after a court ruling in that country. The legal action was taken by an anonymous businessman who argued his reputation was damaged when his name was linked to words such as 'fraud'.

    An Australian legal expert says he's experienced the problem first hand and is calling for governments here to act before the courts are forced to.

    Rebecca Brice reports.

    REBECCA BRICE: What do you do when you Google your name and the word fraud comes up? If you're a businessman, you sue Google. That's what's just happened in Germany and the court sided with the businessman.

    The man, whose identity is anonymous, claimed his reputation and that of his company were affected by the search engine's auto-complete function. That's where the search engine suggests possible search terms, in this case 'fraud' and 'scientology' came up.

    The federal court of justice in Karlsruhe issued a statement on its judgement.

    COURT STATEMENT (voiceover): In not a single search result is a link between the plaintiff and Scientology and/or fraud apparent.

    REBECCA BRICE: But the court also ruled Google won't have to pre-empt the problems.

    COURT STATEMENT (voiceover): The operator is as a basic principle only responsible when it gets notice of the unlawful violatio...


    "We are forever trying to train people to have healthier lifestyles: eat better, exercise more, whatever," Schneier writes in a wonderfully entertaining blog post.

    "And people are forever ignoring the lessons. One basic reason is psychological: we just aren't very good at trading off immediate gratification for long-term benefit. A healthier you is an abstract eventually; sitting in front of the television all afternoon with a McDonald's Super Monster Meal sounds really good right now."

    "Similarly, computer security is an abstract benefit that gets in the way of enjoying the internet. Good practices might protect me from a theoretical attack at some time in the future, but they're a lot of bother right now and I have more fun things to think about. This is the same trick Facebook uses to get people to give away their privacy; no one reads through new privacy policies; it's much easier to just click "OK" and start chatting with your friends. In short: security is never salient."

    Schneier expands his ideas by looking at areas where awareness training or education initiatives work (driving, HIV prevention) and where they fail (training the general public to wash their hands, make drug decisions at a pharmacy, food safety).

    He summarises the obstacles in the path of effective security training. "The threats change constantly, the likelihood of failure is low, and t...

  • Malware-virus-security-threat-scam-370x229_177_

    Symantec has uncovered a cyber scam duping victims into handing over their financial information using a bogus security guidance web page. The security firm reported uncovering the phishing scam in a blog post on Wednesday. The scam targets its victims using a bogus message masquerading as a security alert from a legitimate, unnamed credit card service provider. "In March, we discovered a phishing site spoofing a popular credit card services company that asked users for confidential information, allegedly for additional security," wrote Symantec's Mathew Maniyara. The message instructed its victims to disclose sensitive banking information that could be used by the attackers to illegally access their finances. "The phishing site prompts users through a three-step procedure for activating their card and adding higher security. The first step asks users for personal and card-related information," wrote Maniyara.

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    Gehackten Websites noch nicht wiederhergestellt Die meisten von ihnen noch Display-Meldungen "Serverfehler" oder "Website für Wartung abgenommen"

    Mehrere Regierung-Websites, die Beute an brasilianischen Hacker am 6 fiel, wurden noch nicht restauriert.

    Die Website der National Assessment und Akkreditierungsrat, mit Sitz in Bangalore,; Verteidigung der Webseite (gehören die Controller der Verteidigung Konten, Bangalore); Bharat Earth Movers Limited Schwester site; und Doordarshan Webseite in Bangalore gehörten zu den 18 Standorten zog die Server von der brasilianischen Hackern mit Griff "HighTech."

    Auch am Montag wurden die meisten dieser Webseiten nicht oben. Sie waren Anzeige von Meldungen wie "Server Error" oder "Website ist abgenommen für Wartung."

    NAAC Direktor H.A. Ranganath erzählte The Hindu, die diese National Informatics Centre (NIC) die bietet ihnen IT-support benachrichtigt hatte, hatte über die hacking-Versuche und die NIC Ortsbild Wartung abgenommen.


    News International on säännöllisesti tavoite spear phishing-hyökkäykset kaltaisia, jotka on vaarantua numero kilpailijansa, ja se on jotain, joka pitää yhtiön johtaja hereillä yöllä. Hyökkääjät tuottavat nyt vakuuttavasta sähköpostit, joka huiputtaa osaksi ilkeä liitetiedostojen lataaminen käyttäjät, avaaminen organisaationsa tietomurtoja ja taloudellista vahinkoa. Ja jopa maineikkaimmista yritykset laskevat hyökkääjät temppuja. New York Times ja Wall Street Journal myönsi infrastruktuurinsa oli vaarantunut spear phishing-hyökkäykset, väitetään muovanneet tukemat Kiinan hallitus. Mutta ei ole suuri UK mediassa on myöntänyt samanlaisia rikkomuksia. News International, Rupert Murdochin News Corp: n tytäryritys on yksi maailman tunnetuimpia julkaisijat ja vastaa kuuluisa brittiläinen paperit, mukaan lukien Times, aurinko, ja ennen kuin se sortui hakkerointi skandaali, News of the World. On, että tavoite paljon hakkerointi yritykset itse mukaan Virve News International Tietoturvajohtaja ja tuoli Lontoo luku ISACA-suojausryhmän. Hän kertoi TechWeekEurope, hänen yhtiö näkee "paljon spear phishing". Hän ei tehnyt sanomaan, heidän olisi napsauttanut läpi, johtaa rikotaan, mutta myönsi Oliko se "ihmisen kysymys" News International on työskennellyt kovasti suojella itseään in viime kuukausien - jopa ennen sen Yhdysvaltain hyökkäystä kilpailijat oli...

  • Scamalert_177_

    Svindlere udnytter den standard e-mails sendt fra de fleste kontor scannere. De har replikeret meddelelser af berømte printer brands men vedhæfte malware til e-mails i stedet for dokumenter. Hvordan fidus fungerer: Du er på arbejde, og du modtager en besked fra hvad du synes er dine office printer/scanner. Det ser ud til at nogen har sendt dig en kopi af et scannet dokument. Navnet ikke ringer en klokke, men du åbner den vedhæftede fil alligevel. Når du klikker på fil, finder du, at det ikke er en scannet kopi af den seneste rapport fra office. Det er virkelig et link til en tredjeparts websted, der vil hente en virus til din computer. Disse vira phish for personlige og bankoplysninger på din maskine. Indstillinger i e-mail-headeren er blevet forfalsket, så meddelelserne synes at komme fra en intern e-mail-adresse. Med så mange arbejdspladser ikke at indstille stærke adgangskoder, er det dog muligt, at scanneren blev hacket. Som altid, findes variationer af fidus. Senest har har svindlere skjult malware som e-mails fra Hewlett-pakker og Xerox scannere. Men svindlere vil kapre nogen berømte producentens navn at låne troværdighed til deres fidus. Bemærk: Hewlett-Packard, IBM og Microsoft er BBB akkrediterede virksomheder. Hewlett-Packard er også en BBB nationale Partner. Hvordan kan jeg beskytte mit arbejdscomputer mod virus: Mens computeren arbejde ikke er din personlige ejendom, er downloade en viru...


    Une campagne de phishing spear ciblant les 11 entreprises du secteur énergétique s'est produite en octobre dernier, selon les industriels contrôle systèmes Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT).

    Après une compagnie d'électricité a posté sur son site Internet les noms, les adresses de messagerie d'entreprise, et les titres de travail des employés de l'industrie qui ont participé à un récent réunion du Comité, les attaquants étaient capables d'utiliser l'information pour leurs messages d'artisanat, ICS-CERT a dit dans son dernier bulletin d'information (PDF).

    Les e-mails malveillants demandé destinataires de cliquer sur un lien ci-joint qui dirigerait d'accéder la nouvelle adresse de courriel de l'expéditeur. Au lieu de cela, le lien conduit les utilisateurs à un site Web qui a servi de malware. Un autre courriel portant un attachement malveillant est censé être associé à la campagne, selon le bulletin.

    La campagne a échoué, menant à « aucune infections connues ou d'intrusions, » indique le rapport.

    Une campagne de phishing spear ciblant les 11 entreprises du secteur énergétique s'est produite en octobre dernier, selon les industriels contrôle systèmes Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT).

    Après une compagnie d'électricité a posté sur son site Internet les noms, les adresses de messagerie d'entreprise, et les titres de travail des employés de l'i...


    I diskussionerna om cyberhot som fortsätta och utöka dagligen, finns det en tendens att klumpa ihop alla typer av hot oavsett där de faller på skalan. Denna brist på precision medför konsekvenser, varav en är att det hindrar oss från att fokusera på de högsta slut hot som ska behärska vår största uppmärksamhet. Om du vill flytta fram snyggt, behöver Förenta staterna ett sätt att tänka om olika hot aktörer som tolkar och gör åtskillnad mellan mellan och bland dem, enligt de betydande sätt där de kan variera. Sådan en typologi skulle hjälpa amerikanska beslutsfattare bättre rack och stapla hotet, och svara därefter. Tänk på att inte alla hackar eller hackare, och alla aktörer, är de samma.

    Nationalstater--särskilt Kina, Ryssland, Iran och Nordkorea--utgör high-end cyber-hot mot amerikanska hemland, men staterna varierar mycket i sin förfining, kapacitet, avsikt, motivation, tradecraft och dess tillämpning. Förenta staterna bör fokusera sina resurser på detta high-end hot spektrum, och därmed, bör fokusera på aktörer och deras beteenden, snarare än på teknik eller på medel och formerna för attack. Detta innebär att gräva djupare i detaljerna, och factoring av fall Detaljer om varje av våra motståndare i en skräddarsydd amerikanska svar som utformats för att avskräcka, hindra och tvinga dem.

    Medan mer sofistikerade och mer beslutsamma än an...

Abney is an ancient Norman name that arrived in England after the Norman Conquest of 1066. The Abney family lived in or near the settlement of Abney..

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