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Japan Society

Japan Society

Communication, Arts & Culture, Education

17 Supporters

  • Luisa Adelfio

    Luisa Adelfio (Moderator)

    New York, NY, United States

    Director of Corporate Development

  • Alexandra Aguinaga

    Alexandra Aguinaga

    Santa Monica, California, United States

    Int'l Business Strategy & Development

  • Charles Huang

    Charles Huang

    New York, New York, United States

    Designer (architecture)

    MaxReuse. Recognizable Recycling.

  • Guido Alvarez

    Guido Alvarez

    Richmond, VA, United States

    Ph.D. MATX student

    Design died to be reborn as Designation.

  • Hideyuki Fujimoto

    Hideyuki Fujimoto

    Tokyo, Japan

    Designer (Art Direction)

    Design is a common language. Let's chattering ! Gonna be a friend each other !

  • Jackson Wang

    Jackson Wang

    Los Angeles, California, United States

    Designer (Art Direction)

    graphic designer

  • JP Causewell

    JP Causewell

    Washington, United States

    Designer (Graphic Design)

    True wisdom endures with compassion.

  • Kate Andrews

    Kate Andrews

    London, United Kingdom

    Designer (Graphic Design)

    “The best way to predict the future is to design it.” - Buckminster Fuller

  • Kimmie Smith

    Kimmie Smith

    New York, NY, United States

    Designer (Accessories)

    Our best accessory is where we live, coming together in that effort is necessary

  • Malcolm Lawrence

    Malcolm Lawrence

    Bellevue, Washington, United States

    Founder/CEO and Editor-In-Chief of Babel: The multilingual, multicultural online journal and community of arts and ideas.

    There's a heaven above you, baby.

Bringing people of Japan and the United States closer together through programming in the arts, business, education and public policy.

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Japan Society

333 East 47th Street
New York, NY 10017
United States
(212) 715-1258

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Moderator: Luisa Adelfio