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Other Worlds

Other Worlds


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Other Worlds is a multi-national, multi-media, multi-lingual education and organizing collaborative to inspire hope and knowledge that another world is possible, and to help build it. It compiles and brings to light political, economic, cultural, and social alternatives that are flourishing throughout the world, and inspires and helps the public throughout the Americas open up new pathways to adapt and replicate them. Other Worlds’ program includes: (1) Documenting and publicizing, through multiple media, fourteen case studies of just economies in a context of globalization, and with an emphasis on gender. The educational outreach will be extensive throughout the Americas, in English and Spanish; (2) Inspiring action. Once the media products are out, Other Worlds will follow up with those motivated through seeing/reading/ hearing, to help them become active in their own communities and sectors, and to help connect them with national and international citizens’ networks for more just policy; and (3) Generating support for the alternatives and the movements behind them. We campaign, fundraise, and support in other ways the movements we feature and others working in the same spirit.

Other Worlds is sponsored by Institute for Policy Studies

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inspire hope and knowledge

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Other Worlds

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