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Panos London

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  • A new report suggests networks of male friendships could be used to help combat the HIV and AIDS epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa. The study, conducted in Malawi, found that a man who thinks his best friend has extra-marital sexual partners, is far more likely to report having extra-marital sexual partners himself. more

  • The Benguela is lauded as the current of plenty but the future of its rich marine ecosystem is uncertain. Scientists fear warming seas will spell disaster for the economy of the region where the Atlantic, Indian and Southern oceans meet. Servaas van den Bosch reports.

  • Scientists fear mountain glaciers are melting faster than ever as a result of rising temperatures, leading to fears that glacial lakes are becoming dangerously unstable. For Chitral village in Pakistan's Hindu Kush mountain range this has already spelled disaster. Rina Saeed Khan reports.

  • A new video explores, and explains, the process of oral testimony, and why it's an essential aspect of poverty reduction. Oral testimony addresses a key aspect of poverty, the lack of voice, and it gives people an opportunity to share their knowledge and experience in their own words.

  • A new website for Panos London

    Communication, Communication Design


    14 April 2008 Panos London is proud to launch our new website - bringing you our unique range of material in a more accessible and engaging way. Take a look at the highlights below or jump straight in at

    Magazine | Fresh perspectives on development issues

    Find all our free-to-use print and audio journalism in this magazine minisite. You can contribute your own views to the issues being covered and subscribe to our weekday news bulletin. Explore our latest set of features and audio looking at adaptation to climate change in Mozambique, Uganda and Bangladesh. Go to magazine

    Life stories | Insights from people living at the sharp end of development

    Read vivid and compelling life stories from our growing archive of oral testimonies - an invaluable resource for researchers, planners and policymakers looking for an alternative to mainstream development literature. Find out how Kenyan men and women struggle against poor infrastructure, political indifference and inequality in our new 'Living with poverty' collection. Go to life stories

    Think tank | Leading the way on communication for development

    Learn about the essential roles of communication in our think tank. We have pioneered the field of communication for development, arguing that it must be at the heart of change. Read our agenda for action and expert comment on topical issues, including director Mark Wilson's views on the Arab League's satellite broadcasting gag. Go to think tank

    You will also find...

  • African Journalists Reporting from G8, Germany

    Communication, Communication Design


    In 2005 the G8 was urged to help make poverty history. AfricaVox reporters were among the few African journalists at the G8 Summit in Gleneagles when international leaders pledged to increase aid, forgive international debt, and fund HIV treatment worldwide.

    In 2007 African development is back on the G8 agenda, and we’ve assembled a new team to see if those promises have been kept.

    For nine days starting on 1 June, journalists from Ethiopia, Uganda, Mozambique and South Africa will bring you stories and perspectives from Africa on HIV/AIDS and healthcare, international aid, debt relief and climate change.

    We’ll be reporting from the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm and the G8-alternative-summit, and will be finding out whether the G8 is really listening to African voices...

    Read what their blog here AfricaVox

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