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Panos London

Panos London


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Panos London stimulates informed and inclusive public debate around key development issues in order to foster sustainable development.

Our aim is to ensure that the perspectives of the people whose lives are most affected by major development (mainly poor and marginalized people) are included within decision-making and that decisions are subject to their scrutiny and debate.

News & Events

Start the press | how African communities in the UK can work with the media to confront HIV stigma This new report produced with the UK’s African HIV Policy Network challenges UK-based African communities and the media to work together to challenge stigma around HIV and Aids. It argues that by speaking out, people living with HIV and leaders among African communities can raise awareness of the discrimination they experience. HIV advocates can get to know the media and work wit journalists to tell their stories on their own terms, spotlighting inaccurate and misleading coverage, and beginning to confront the stigma that exists on so many levels.

Breaking Barriers | effective communication for universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support This report argues that HIV/AIDS communication is central to achieving universal access; and, in particular, HIV/AIDS communication which targets the wider social and cultural realities that people face every day such as stigma and gender inequity - identified as two of the main social barriers to universal access.

Return to Mazista: a South African village recovers its health Zinhle Mapumulo revisits a South African village in desperate need of health services and is pleasantly surprised.

Uganda strives for a generation free from HIV Kakaire Kirunda thinks the only way to stop the spread of HIV among teenagers is to treat them like adults.

Hard labour: stopping HIV in its tracks Collins Vumiria discovers why Uganda’s traditional birth attendants are being sidelined in the fight against HIV.

South Africa: the HIV waiting game In South Africa HIV patients continue to feel the effects of a chronic shortage of health workers. Zinhle Mapumulo looks at a problem that refuses to go away.

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A new report suggests networks of male friendships could be used to help combat the HIV and AIDS epi...

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