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Crown Capital Eco Mngt Indonesia Fraud

Crown Capital Eco Mngt Indonesia Fraud

Well-being, Environment

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  • Attorneys representing environmentalist groups in a lawsuit against a major oil company bribed an Ecuadorian judge to issue a multi-billion dollar judgment against that oil company, according to sworn testimony by a judge involved in the scheme. The testimony could derail efforts by the environmentalist groups to recover damages resulting from the Ecuadorian judgment. An Ecuadorian court handed down an $18.2 billion judgment against Chevron in February 2011, holding the company responsible for ecological damage surrounding the Lago Agrio oil field in Nueva Loja, Ecuador. Texaco drilled for crude during the 1970s and 1980s at the site, which became the focus of years of legal battles. Chevron inherited the company’s legal liabilities when it bought Texaco in 2001. Chevron alleged malfeasance in the Ecuadorian court proceedings and in its judgment against the company. A sworn declaration from Albert Guerra, a former judge in the case, appears to corroborate the company’s allegations that the plaintiffs illegally conspired with the court in crafting the February 2011 judgment. Guerra, who presided over the case in 2003 and 2004, claimed the plaintiffs’ attorneys agreed to pay at least $500,000 to his successor, Judge Nicolás Zambrano, to issue the judgment against Chevron. Guerra claimed in a sworn declaration filed Jan. 28 that the plaintiffs’ attorneys ghostwrote Zambrano’s decision. The declaration was filed by Chevron in a New York court, where the company is suing the plain...


    Alaska, heavily forested, built on rock and surrounded by water, every commodity that enters the country arrives by air and sea. The use of oil is a struggle for both the economy and the environment. Oil must come from elsewhere and be transported but of course by additional fuel, fuel that is subject to oil price stability.

    A site that could help giving a solution to the problem is the Southeast Alaska Discovery Center in Ketchikan. The site that provides information to more than a million visitors each year is also the site where a pilot biomass system is now coming to life. A two oil-fired boilers serving the 250,000-sq-ft center were replaced with a highly efficient system fueled by local wood was manufactured by Hurst Boiler & welding Company Inc.Another good thing about the project is that the hot-water boiler was custom-designed to fit within very limited indoor space.

    To address concerns towards issues related to building space, fuel costs, comfort, reliability, simplicity of operation more especially environmental concerns, the biomass boiler system was developed by Hurst representative Gregory W. Smith of Global Energy Solutions Inc. under the direction of E. Dane Ash, project manager for Tyonek-Alcan Pacific LLC.

    The excessive use of fossil fuels has been long a problem in any point of the world more especially to Alaska, the boiler system was intended to highlight how biomass can ...

  • Crown EcoManagement Malaysia, cries for help | Crown Capital Eco Management IndonesiaFraud

    Malaysia,cries for help

    -Another Beautiful City Mankind Starts to Destroy Truly Asia, Malaysia lives up to its slogan. Truly a remarkable paradise this country was and still rising, Malaysia has become one of the world’s favorite for travel enthusiasts. and rainforests, mountains and minarets, skycrapers and sampans; are only few to more fun Malaysia can offer. If you are a city tripper or a nature lover, Malaysia is a great option for travelers. Considered as one of the ‘Asian tiger’, Malaysia paved its way to becoming one of the travelling capital by offering two countries for the price of one. Peninsular Malaysia, bordering Thailand at the southern end of the Malay peninsula, and East Malaysia, the northern half of the island of Borneo, which pushes up against Indonesia and Brunei. Malaysia enjoyed remarkable growth over the last few decades, with industrialization, agriculture and tourism playing leading roles in this success story. Tigers may be fierce but when nature calls, no one can escape her. A tropical natural bounty like Malaysia, can she keep her treasures when the one who truly owns this treasure steel it from her? And worse, what if her people are the ones who are destroying her; could she escape it or will face her breakdown?

    Despite a relatively positive environmental record, Malaysia faces problems of deforestation, pollution of inland and marine waters, soil ...

Crown Capital Eco Management Indonesia Fraud

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Crown Capital Eco Mngt Indonesia Fraud

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