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PhotoVoice is an award-winning international charity and the only development organization of its kind in Europe. Its projects empower some of the most disadvantaged groups in the world with photographic skills so that they can transform their lives. Through establishing in-field photojournalism workshops its projects enable those who are traditionally the subjects of photography to become its creator. Through photography these individuals find confidence in their voices and are enabled to speak out about their challenges, concerns, hopes and fears.

PhotoVoice projects span four continents, assisting refugees, street children, orphans, HIV/ AIDS sufferers and special needs groups. Internationally the organization provides the platform for PhotoVoice groups to exhibit and market their work and to inspire change. It also provides long-term support for individuals to pursue careers in their local photographic industries.

PhotoVoice always works in partnership with other international organizations and local community organizations.

PhotoVoice’s mission is to bring about positive social change for marginalized communities through providing them with photographic training with which they can advocate, express themselves and generate income.

News & Events

*Beyond Sight: Photography by blind and visually impaired people *

In December, the Association of Photographers Gallery in London hosted a multi-sensory exhibition of photographs by blind and visually impaired people, trained by PhotoVoice and the Mexican NGO Sight of Emotion. Over 500 visitors came to explore the exhibition, which included audio captioning and descriptions, tactile images and braille information, and the comments left in the visitors' book are a testament to the success of the exhibition as a challenge to the traditional understanding of the limits of photography and of what it means to 'see'.

*"The most interesting photographic exhibition I have ever been to." *

" Inspiring and thought-provoking. I loved having my perceptions challenged."

" Thank you so much for the incredible photographs. Hope to visit more exhibitions of the same brilliant artists in the future."

For more information click here Click here to listen to Radio 4's In Touch program about Beyond Sight

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Empowering the disadvantaged with photographic skills

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