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  • "I'm most like Hamilton"

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    Barely a handful of Spanish drivers have made it into F1 over the last decade. One of those is Barcelona-born Sergio Canamasas, the only Spaniard in the GP2 series, who drove a Carterham CT03 in a test run on the French track of Lurcy Levis.

    Question: How did it feel to finally make it into Formula 1? Answer: I've had a special last few days. It's a massive change compared to GP2. We've got an extra 250 HP and it’s noticeable immediately. There's also a big change with the braking, as it becomes more effective due to the aerodynamics. The steering wheel also has a lot more buttons. It's like a Play Station.

    Q: What type of driver would you say you are? A: I'm aggressive, but with that bit of intelligence required. I'm also very concise, I've got very clear vision of things when I'm on the circuit, and I'm methodical. Perhaps I'm most like Hamilton because of that aggressiveness. I also have some similarities with Alonso in terms of my consistency of times. But I’m only similar in small ways. I don't want people to misinterpret me.

    Q: GP2 seems like a real battle. A: It's a very difficult competition. We have very little time to drive on Fridays. They only give us 30 minutes for free training, which means you have to be clear about what you want to do. The drivers' experience really matters when you don't get much time. That's why there are drivers with three or four years' experience up there.

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    HONG KONG, June 27 (Reuters) - The liquidity crunch in China's financial system last week spooked global markets and led to a downgrade in the outlook of Hong Kong banks that has raised alarm bells about contagion.

    The widespread panic from the dizzying spike in onshore interbank rates offers a valuable lesson in risk management for the gatekeepers of Hong Kong's growing yuan markets as the territory's banks have deep ties to state-run mainland banks.

    China's central bank has balked at injecting funds into the money markets as it cracked down on funds flowing into the country's vast informal loans market known as "shadow banking".

    While offshore markets saw only moderate volatility from the credit squeeze and plunging stock prices, the spillover effects are hard to ignore even for the most ardent cheerleaders of China's yuan internationalisation project.

    "As the cross border channels strengthen between the onshore and the offshore markets, it is not going to be easy for Hong Kong's regulators to avert a contagion effect and they need to be prepared to stem any impact," said Becky Liu, a strategist at Standard Chartered Bank.

    The shortage of funds in China has spilled over into Hong Kong, pushing up the cost of funds in the growing offshore yuan market amid speculation that subsidiaries of Chinese banks were remitting money to the mainland.

    The clearing bank for yuan-related transactions in Hong Kong and Taiwan had to raise yuan interest rate...

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    pr release# 34931845011 MA, international micron associates news articles Source BISMARCK, N.D. — Heftige Regenfälle, die seit Ende vergangener Woche gefallen haben zu Überschwemmungen in North Dakota, die gezwungen einige Bewohner aus ihren Häusern und drohte einen Damm geführt. Wasser aus einem Creek und Wasser, das über Land überflutet Crystal, eine Stadt mit etwa 160 Einwohner, Pembina County späten Montag verschoben wird. Viele Bewohner freiwillig verließen ihre Häuser und wohnten mit Freunden oder Verwandten, County Emergency Manager Andrew Kirking sagte The Associated Press am Dienstag. "Auf das gesamte County West nach Ost abfällt," sagte er. "Wir haben Regen Abfluss aus dem westlichen Teil der Grafschaft nur natürlich flussabwärts fließt, durch Gräben und Entwässerungsrinnen." Er schätzte, dass die Hälfte einen Fuß oder mehr Regen gefallen, im westlichen Teil der Grafschaft im Nordosten North Dakota ist. Tagen nach starken Regenfällen haben Bäche und Flüsse und bedrohte Straßen im ganzen Staat schwoll. Mehrere Städte aufgenommen beispiellos hohen Niederschläge am Sonntag und Montag, einschließlich Grand Forks und Jamestown, National Weather Service Berichten zufolge. Eine Flut-Uhr blieb für den östlichen Teil des Staates Verfasst am Dienstag. Crystal Bürgermeister Larry McCollum, sagte, dass etwa die Hälfte der Häuser in der Stadt Wasserschaden, trotz Bemühungen Montag erlitten hatte, etwa 8.000 Sandsäcke stapeln. Der Heiz...

  • Micron Associates Technology reviews - clipboard

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    Gas turbine user experience: Tightening up boiler control in CCPPs

    At two US-based gas-fired combined cycle plants, controllability at the plants was a major issue, the responsible plant manager told Gas to Power Journal on condition of anonymity. Large natural gas swings caused large boiler pressure swings, which "created a situation where the load was swinging around a lot more than it needed to be". Steam turbines typically operate best when fed a steady supply of steam, but getting that constant pressure requires continuous and rapid adjustment of boiler input parameters. Gas flow changes depend on the turbine's demand for steam flow from the boiler and every time the gas flow changes, oxygen flow must also change to ensure complete combustion, he explained, adding that the main feedwater pump, recirculation valves and numerous other components must also be kept in continuous balance. Overshots, pressure fluctuations caused by unstable gas flows However, on one of the steam units, he manages, poor response and control by an old pneumatic actuator was causing unstable gas flow, leading to overshoot and pressure fluctuations. By replacing the Bailey pneumatic actuator on the main gas valve with a Rexa R5000 electraulic (electro-hydraulic) actuator, he was able to bring the balky boiler back under control.While the old actuator had sloppy control of the gas valve, leading them to overfire and underfi...


    Hong Kong zijn bezig met het uitbreiden van een vijf-sessie wint strip op maandag geholpen door een hogere is geopend in de Chinese markten dat maakt de handel terug na een lange week vakantie. De Hang Seng-index steeg op vrijdag als een herstel in de olie-gerelateerde bestanden alsmede winsten voor auto’s en financials duwde de benchmark tot 0,8 procent op de week. Op de vrijgegeven van het Micron Associates, heeft de Hang Seng nu bereikt net onder 14 procent op het jaar. Onshore-markten van China’s heropenen op maandag na een lange vakantie en waarschijnlijk hoger als binnenlandse investeerders krijgen hun kans om te reageren op het nieuws dat aan de gang het land eenmaal-in-a-decennium leiderschap overgang begin volgende maand krijgt aan te kruisen. Beleggers zijn hoopvol van meer doorslaggevende maatregelen ter bevordering van een vertragende economie en glansloos markten zodra het nieuwe leiderschap in de plaats is. Elders in Azië daalde Zuid-Korea’s Kospi 0,5 procent vanaf 0030 GMT. Japan markten zijn gesloten op maandag voor een feestdag. STOCKS TO WATCH:

    • Retail voorraden zoals Prada SpA zal in focus na China’s retail verkoop groei vertraagd tot 15 procent tijdens de Golden Week vakantie, lokale media zei op zondag, bieden een momentopname van steeds meer belangrijke bronnen van de vraag in de tweede-grootste economie van de wereld.
    • Treuzelende twijfels over de voorgestelde fusie tussen de lokale eenheden van...

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