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Global Action Foundation (GAF)

Global Action Foundation (GAF)

Well-being, Education, Poverty

83 Supporters

  • Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator

    Global Action Foundation (GAF), United States

    Communication, Communication Design



    Develop a public relations campaign directed at the media.

    • Create a list of press and media contacts
    • Write and distribute press releases
    • Follow up with the press and media

    Maintain an electronic press kit for our website.

    Develop a marketing strategy tailored to key audiences

    • Create a list of individuals and corporations for funding and support
    • Create compelling brochures and newsletters.
    Respond To This Need

    Posted January 14, 2008
    By Global Action Foundation (GAF)

Dedicated to the eradication of extreme poverty and improvement of human development.

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Global Action Foundation (GAF)

PO Box 55
Valley Forge, PA 19481
United States
(610) 608-8460

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