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Jakarta Indonesia Crown Capital Management Org

Jakarta Indonesia Crown Capital Management Org

Well-being, Environment

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  • Teabags_177_

    *SOME environmental activists get worked up about rainforests. Others worry about the plight of polar bears or the perils of rising sea levels.

    But for Diana Fox Carney, an economist, green guru and wife of the new Governor of the Bank of England, the issue that gets her really, really hot under the collar is the humble tea bag. She describes the leaf-filled sachets as one of her 'pet hates' and says they are an environmental disaster. "Yes, they can be pretty, and convenient, but do we really need an extra 40cm squared of bleached and printed paper with every cup of tea?" she writes on her blog, which reviews eco-friendly products.

    For those millions who adore the convenience of the tea bag, it was enough to make us choke on our Tetley's. So does Mrs. Fox Carney have a point? And are tea bags really doing untold harm to the planet? -*

    The Scale of the Tea bag Menace

    The tea bag was invented by accident more than 100 years ago by American merchant Thomas Sullivan, who decided to send samples of tea to customers in small silk pouches. Some people were confused - assuming that the bags were supposed to be dunked in hot water just like traditional metal tea infusers.

    When Sullivan heard what they were doing, he spotted a gap in the market. Thus, serendipitously, the tea bag was born. At first, there were complaints that the mesh of the bags was too fine, so he replaced the silk with gauze. And as tea bags entered mass production, cheaper paper was used...

  • Austerity_177_

    “Crisis legislation and dodgy debt repayment schemes (Promissory Notes to Government Bonds)” – Global Research

    Austerity is a sham. Debt is economics for the ‘little people’. If the people produce the wealth then why are they always poor and/or paying back debts? Because the national and international wealthy lend us back the money (with interest) they have taken out of society in the form of profits to fill in the gap they created in the first place. Thus we are triply exploited: We are taxed on wages, alienated from wealth created (profits) and we pay interest on the money borrowed from the wealthy to pay for the capital and current expenditure needed for the maintenance of society. When there is an economic crisis caused by this constant draining of the wealth from the economy, the ‘experts’ then debate the best way to impose cutbacks to get us back on to ‘the road to recovery’. This would be funny if so many people were not caught up in the sea of unemployment and subsistence living. Furthermore, any rejection of these ‘debts’ will not be countenanced by the elites who oversee the ‘debt repayments’ by the ‘little people’.

    If one form of debt repayment (promissory notes) is seen to be dodgy and possibly unsustainable (due to legalities or public repugnance) then legislation is rushed in overnight to convert the ‘debt’ in to a more acceptable form – the government bond. That was the situation this week in Dublin. How did this come about?...

Raise awareness of our society on natural resources conservation.

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