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crown capital management jakarta indonesia - eco

crown capital management jakarta indonesia - eco

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  • Crown Jakarta Capital Environmental Scam Management Solutions on FRACKING AND ENVIRONMENTAL DESTRUCTION

    Environment, Environmental Design


    After months of public pressure over the possibility of expanding fracking in the Loyalsock State Forest, the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) finally held a public meeting on June 3rd at the Lycoming College in Williamsport. One leading opponent of these proposals has accepted our invitation to publish his presentation to the meeting at which he airs his real fears for the future, not just for the Loyalsock and its neighboring areas, but for our very existence at the hands of these ruthless exploiters. The gas is not going to help us or our economy – most of it will end up in China!

    My name is Dean Marshall and I live in Columbia County. I am concerned not only about the cumulative effects of continued fossil fuel extraction and use, but especially by the permanent changes this will bring to Our few remaining Natural Areas.

    I was raised in a peaceful, Forrest and Farming area of Luzerne County and taught to respect the land and All of the living things by my parents, who were raised on sawmills by their parents. Responsible use of our Natural Resources was always the priority.

    We moved to Western New York when I was nine. Growing up there was full of new lessons! By my 16th yr. there was talk of pollution, and a need to conserve our Resources before it was too late. News of soaring Cancer rates near Niagara Falls was “leaking out”. This became the wakeup call that is known as the Love Canal Catastrophe. Huge corporations, DOW, Hooker and Union Carbide had been dumping toxic waste into the Canal for yrs! Now people were sick. People were dying! Everyone was outraged, and investigations ensued. Each of these Giant, Wealthy Companies pointed to the others. Eventually this led to the formation of the EPA, SUPERFUND SITES, EARTH DAY Celebrations, and Grassroots campaigns to clean up our environment and move away from gross polluting energy sources.

    My teenage friends and I organized a small group called Youth Against Pollution and we recycled Newspapers, glass, aluminum cans, and tried to clean up liter and dump sites in our town. We rallied for Solar Energy, Wind Power , and Conservation!

    Profiteer Greed

    Fast forward nearly forty two years. Now we are overrun by even more powerful and wealthy corporations who feed our increasing addiction to Energy and a Plastic, throw- away Consumer Frenzy that is literally and intentionally Fueled by the greed of these Profiteers. These collective corporate interests have spent billions of our purchase dollars just to research ways they can continue to lock us in to ever more dependence on dirty fossil fuel and to thwart any and all incursion into their market by renewable energy innovations. In spite of their efforts, the tide is turning, albeit slowly. The fuels they cannot own and place some inflated price upon, are gaining use here and across the globe. That the time has come for them to invest in harnessing and delivering these inexhaustible resources is a no-Brainer.

    Threatened – Loyalsock State Forest – photo Wendy Lee Well guess what? This has instead caused a panic in the hallowed halls of Exxon, Shell, Anadarko and the rest. They now are spending even more to brain-wash the very people who will suffer from the industrialization required to extract every last drop of dirty oil, every last chunk of Carbon Coal, and the very last gasp of Global Warming Gas.

    They appeal to our patriotism and concern for the environment that they will certainly destroy for prolonged profit. And the worst, most despicable reality of all is they will not be satisfied with our farmland and private leased lands. They want it all! They want our College Campus’, our Airports, Churchyards, and even our last natural refuges. State Parks, Forest’s , Wetlands that purify the water we drink, and give us all a place to share and enjoy with our children. Places they may someday share with future generations, if there are to be any .

    I am not a Luddite by any definition. I am a Welder Fabricator. I have worked in Industry 40 yrs. I have worked on chemical tank rail cars, pressure vessels, process piping and have experience as a welding instructor and supervisor. I can tell you right now that a percentage of the Casing and Pipeline Welds WILL FAIL . Over Time that ratio increases. A failure in the middle of a farm field is bad enough. A failure in the Loyalsock Forest is a Catastrophe.

    The risk to these pristine headwaters, these Exceptional Value Streams and Wetlands are too great and not needed. The Gas companies have over 20 applications pending to Export Marcellus Gas … And the Utica, and then deeper and more risky Gas plays for contracts lasting the next 20 yrs. This proves they already have plenty of domestic supplies without destroying Our homes and Our sacred Refuges like Rock Run, Loyalsock Creek, or Any other ” PUBLIC” lands. We say NO!


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crown capital management jakarta indonesia - eco

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crown capital management jakarta indonesia - eco

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