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  • Could You Run Your City on Oats?

    Environment, Environmental Design


    The campuses of many state universities--with their miles of research laboratories and sports facilities to power, and tens of thousands of students to house--can sometimes resemble a small city. They can require as much energy to run as a small city, as well. Over the past decade, colleges and universities across the country have become concerned about their environmental footprint, and today they are leading the way in developing innovative approaches to rethinking energy infrastructure. Kent State University is installing nearly 45,000 square feet of solar panels on its athletic complex, while Princeton's power plant can now switch to run on biodiesel.

    In many cases, students have been the ones instigating these campus changes, pushing their administrators to make commitments to reduce fossil fuel emissions or to set a goal of becoming carbon neutral. For their part, schools are interested in finding energy savings and reaching greater efficiency. As climate change continues to alter energy needs and alternative fuel sources become more widely-accepted, towns and institutions may find themselves drawing lessons from the way college campuses are meeting their energy goals.

    The University of Iowa's Biomass Fuel Project

    One afternoon about 10 years ago, the Quaker Oats processing facility in Cedar Rapids contacted administrators at the University of Iowa. The oatmeal, granola, and cereal manufacturer generates thousands of tons of oat hulls each year, and it wanted to know...

  • 934087_474561615947345_1103570168_n_177_


    The concept of ecological modernism, which sees technology as key to solving big environmental problems, is getting a lot of buzz these days

    There is a new environmental agenda out there. One that is inimical to many traditional conservationists, but which is picking up kudos and converts. It calls itself environmental modernism – which for many is an oxymoron. Wasn't the environmentalism of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, Greenpeace's warriors against industrial whaling and the nuclear industry, and efforts to preserve the world's last wild lands, meant to be the antithesis of the modern industrial world?

    But the prophets of ecological modernism believe technology is the solution and not the problem. They say that harnessing innovation and entrepreneurship can save the planet and that if environmentalists won't buy into that, then their Arcadian sentiments are the problem.

    The modernists wear their environmentalism with pride, but are pro-nuclear, pro-genetically modified crops, pro-megadams, pro-urbanisation and pro-geoengineering of the planet to stave off climate change. They say they embrace these technologies not to conquer nature, like old-style 20th century modernists, but to give nature room. If we can do our business in a smaller part of the planet — through smarter, greener and more efficient technologies — then nature can have the rest.

    While many mainstream environmentalists want to make peace with nature through the sustainable use of natural re...

  • 165251714_177_

    Hooray for George Osborne! I never imagined I’d ever write those words, but George has done his country a great service. He’s put £60 million behind one of the most inspiring British inventions of our age: Skylon, a space plane with a revolutionary new engine.

    When Skylon’s up and running, it’ll be able to transport satellites – well, anything — into orbit for a 20th of the current price, and go at a scorching 3,500 mph. It’ll be the envy of the world – which sounds like hyperbole, but isn’t. The Spectator championed Skylon four years ago, pointing out that the world is on the brink of a new space race, and that the UK could lead the way, if only our government only had the balls to back British invention. We wrote: ‘China knows we’re on the verge of a new space age: it plans to launch a manned space laboratory late next year and has been making a fleet of Shenzhou taxi spacecraft. Russia knows it: Roscosmos, the Russian space agency has announced plans for a next-generation manned spacecraft. Darpa, the Pentagon agency that created the internet and stealth technology, is hard at work developing its own space planes…But we have perhaps the most exciting space plane idea in the world, a British design, Skylon, conceived in the 1980s by the MoD, cancelled by Kenneth Clarke and Michael Heseltine… .Beneath the surface frost, the old spirit of British innovation, the spirit of Barnes Wallis, is waiting in the wings.’

    I admit, back in 2009, I didn’t t...

  • Can Shale Gas Be Safe for Us and the Environment?

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Environmentalists, local communities, and civil actors maintain that hydrofracking in its current unregulated form is intolerable for our environment and public health. The process is familiar and infamous. After extractors drill a well, they pump millions of gallons of water, sand, and various chemicals into it to fracture the shale the gas is stored in and allow the gas to flow freely out of the well. The Sierra Club estimates that 80-300 tons of chemicals may be used in hydrofracking, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene. While shale gas can serve as a stepping-stone towards renewables, its production could leave our aquifers decimated with chemicals that pose significant health risks. Benzene in particular is known to cause cancer, neurological harm, and adverse developmental effects in pregnant women.

    Such potential health risks, coupled with the environmental impact of the physical aspect of drilling, have compelled the widespread anti-fracking movement among environmentalists and local communities alike. Not all of the popular dissent calls for an absolute ban on hydrofracking, however. Civil society would not be so opposed to fracking if gas companies would disclose details of the extraction process and attempt to mitigate the harmful effects. Prominent environmental groups, such as the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), would simply prefer if gas companies put such effective safeguards in place. The NRD...

  • Oregon’s Forest-to-Boiler Movement

    Environment, Environmental Design


    In areas of Oregon not served by natural gas, there is a new fuel in town that is replacing heating oil: wood. And it’s saving money for schools and restoring forest lands. Natural gas is the preferred fuel for heating homes and businesses in Oregon due to its relatively low cost, but the majority of the state does not have access to natural gasand instead must rely on much more expensive petroleum heating oil.

    Following the farm-to-table sustainable sourcing model, the forest-to-boiler movement is picking up steam. Oregon is among the leaders in U.S. biomass energy production, with a total of 19 projects up and running at schools, hospitals, airports and other facilities. Wood pellet boilers currently heat 12 schools—up from only two in 2010—and those that have switched from oil to wood pellets or wood chips are saving between $20,000 and $120,000 annually on heating costs.

    Saving money and using a renewable fuel is great for small towns and schools, and it’s also great for the neighboring national forests. Since the decline of the timber industry in the early 1990s, forests in eastern Oregon have grown to an unhealthy, fire-prone condition. Restoration projects are underway each year to thin overcrowded and dead trees, but the U.S. Forest Service is still struggling to fund the amount of work necessary to return the forests to historic, fire-adapted conditions where forest fire is natural and beneficial instead of widely destructive.

    Twenty years ago, the...

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    Two indie music acts, Mild and Sqweez Animal, are ready to lead 100 Thai cyclists on a bicycle route to explore six major venues in Bangkok this Sunday afternoon before throwing them a free concert in the evening.

    The event is part of the "Pedal Around Thailand: Cycling Together, Hearts Together" campaign organised by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to encourage Thais and tourists to help reduce their carbon footprint by opting to travel by bike.

    As the campaign's ambassadors, the sextet Mild and the duo Sqweez Animal will lead a caravan of 100 cyclists on a route titled "Chill Out Bangkok Sightseeing" to visit Wat Amarintraram, Siriraj Hospital,the naval dockyard, Wat Arun Ratchawararam (or the Temple of Dawn), Santa Cruz church and Museum Siam.

    Those interested are invited to bring their own bikes and join the journey, which will start at Museum Siam on Sanam Chai Road on Sunday at 2pm. All cyclists are expected to get back to the museum late in the afternoon, where the concert will start at 5pm.

    The two acts will perform chart-topping and specially selected songs, and non-cycling fans are also invited. The evening will also feature activities including game booths with prizes worth 250,000 baht.

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    The company that manages the soon-to-be-opened Benoa-Ngurah Rai-Nusa Dua toll road has been given one year to completely repair the environmental damage caused by the construction of the island’s first toll road.

    “We hope that the company finishes the rehabilitation work earlier than the timeframe. The project’s environmental impact analysis (AMDAL) stipulates that the company has a maximum of one year to rehabilitate any environmental damage caused by the project,” Bali Environment Agency head, Nyoman Sujaya, said recently.

    The road is managed by PT. Jasa Marga Bali Tol, a subsidiary of state-owned PT. Jasa Marga.

    Construction of the toll road, which started in December 2011, has reached its final stage and the road is expected to become operational this month. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is slated to inaugurate the highway on July 13.

    The project triggered loud complaints from environmental activists and NGOs, who claim that it is inflicting irreversible damage on the coastal areas and mangrove forests spanning the island’s southern shore.

    The complaints grew when the developer piled up limestone in the shallow waters off the coast to provide footings and a supply road for the construction of reinforced concrete piers. Limestone shoring was considered the best technique to build the 12.7-kilometer road, as around 34,000 concrete pillars had to be installed...

  • Be aware of health problems near fracking sites

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Las Vegas -- The introduction of hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking," in an Appalachian region in southwestern Pennsylvania has created a variety of health concerns for the surrounding community and healthcare providers should be ready to recognize symptoms, according to two speakers at the American Association of Nurse Practitioners 2013 National Conference. The region's abundance of Marcellus Shale, sedimentary rock that contains an estimated 500 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, has attracted gas companies seeking to extract the precious resource, but the negative health effects of the industry are not yet fully understood, Lenore K. Resick, PhD, CRNP, FNP-BC, NP-C, FAANP, of Duquesne University School of Nursing in Pittsburgh and Joyce M. Knestrick, PhD, CRNP, FAANP, of Frontier Nursing University in Kentucky, explained during a poster presentation. Fracking involves drilling wells as deep as 8,000 feet underground and pumping down fluids that create fissures in the rock, which in turn allows natural gas to be released and pumped back up to the surface for collection. Dangerous chemicals are currently used to induce these cracks, and there is growing concern that the process has contaminated the water supply and air, harming local residents. So Resick, Knestrick and colleagues conducted a qualitative study in response to complaints by several women in the area, who said that local government officials and healthcare providers have not addressed their fracking-...

  • Crown Eco Environmental Management News

    Environment, Environmental Design


    World Bank Debars China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group Technology and Investment Co. New Hope & Talroad (Beijing) Environmental Technology Co. Ltd

    This two-year debarment follows the company’s acknowledgment of misconduct and is the first Negotiated Resolution Agreement between the World Bank and a Chinese company

    WASHINGTON, July 1, 2013— The World Bank Group announced the debarment of China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group Technology and Investment Co. New Hope & Talroad (Beijing) Environmental Technology Co. Ltd. (CECEP New Hope), formerly known as New Hope & Talroad (Beijing) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. for a period of two years following the company’s acknowledgment of fraudulent misconduct impacting the World Bank-financed Shandong Flue Gas Desulphurization Project in China. The project closed on June 30, 2012.

    The case came to light as a result of a World Bank financial management review that identified discrepancies in documentation submitted for reimbursement. In the course of the investigation, the company fully cooperated with World Bank investigators and disclosed information relating to the fraudulent scheme affecting a public works contract. The two-year debarment came into effect on June 28, 2013. During this period, CECEP New Hope will not qualify for any contract financed by the World Bank Group. As part of the settlement, the company will also need to demonstrate full and satisfac...

  • Food Management Review at the Boiler Room Dallas by Crown Capital Partners LLC As self-proclaimed food critiques, me and my girlfriend do a lot of dining form restaurants to restaurants just so we could try their menus. We love to eat, we love food and of all the restaurants we dined at, we have fallen in love to one and it is no other than The Boiler Roomlocated in the heart of Deep Ellum in Dallas.

    Wednesday night we decided to have a dinner date at The Boiler Room. It was our first time there and I am glad we have decided to dine there because in fact boiler room was not an option. The place wasn’t in the list because it is a music venue although they also serve food.

    We were there at exactly 8 p.m. There were a lot of people when we got in but there were still plenty of seats which a plus point for me. We were seated at a smaller table because it was just me and my boyfriend in the right corner side of the room. They have daily specials and then a regular menu with appetizers, sliders, sandwiches, and entrees. They have a pretty good menu selection.

    Both of us ordered sliders. What I like most is that you can mix and match and order either two or three. Girlfriend went with the chicken fried steak sliders with fries. It has a patty of chicken fried steak, creamy gravy, and a dollop of mashed potatoes. And mine was two of the chicken fried steak sliders and then one bacon ranch chicken slider. We also ordered the veggie wrap; it comes with sprouts, cucumbers,...

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