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  • http://www.euractiv.com/energy/bp-turns-government-russian-vent-news-515565

    BP slutar ett stormigt förhållande med ryska tycoons från ett företag som kallas AAR och riktar i stället ett partnerskap med statligt ägda Rosneft. Affären, värt över 25 miljarder dollar (19.18 miljarder euro) skulle kunna ge det brittiska oljebolaget ett spel av mellan 16% och 20% i gigantisk rysk olja. Avtalet, som har ännu inte att slutföras, men som skulle kunna offentliggöras på måndag eller tisdag folds BP: s hälften av TNK-BP, Rysslands tredje största oljebolaget i Rosneft, mot kontanter och Rosneft materiel.

    BP kan till slut en stormig relation med sina partner i företaget, AAR, och för att göra närmare band till en rysk regering som utövar en mycket strängare håll på oljeindustrin än i det gjorde under 1990-talet när BP första investerat i det.

    TNK-BP är mycket lönsamma och ger en fjärdedel av BP: s totala produktion, men dess fält är mogen, och de sovjetiska-född business tycoons som äger den andra hälften genom AAR var för BP: s Sök efter tillväxt i oljerika Ryssland genom närmare band med Rosneft och dess kraftfulla boss.

    Ska affären vara klar och överleva en månader lång godkännandeprocessen, BP: s exponering till Ryssland skulle bli lägre, men det kunde säkra det platser på Rosneft styrelse och närmare band än någon av konkurrenterna till Igor Sechin, verkställande direktör för Rosneft, som har en betydande säga i energipolitiken....

  • BP Capital Management, bp holdings sweden

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    This post is being written as part of HedgeFundBlogger.com's Investment Securities Tool which analyzes the holdings of hedge fund managers. With all the commotion surrounding energy these days, it never hurts to track an energy focused hedge fund ran by none other than T. Boone Pickens. If you are unfamiliar with Pickens, he is an energy maverick and his fund returned 300% in 2005. He is a big advocate of Peak Oil Theory and runs an energy-centric hedge fund based in Dallas, Texas. Although he typically holds numerous positions in oil, he is also big on alternative energy (except ethanol) and has numerous holdings there as well. He most recently advocated a large natural gas position and has additionally made a big bet on wind energy. So, now that we've got a little background on Boone and BP Capital, let's see what they were up to. The following are BP Capital's current holdings as of June 30th 2008, as released in their most recent 13F filing with the SEC. The positions in this most recent 13F were compared to last quarter's 13F and here are the changes made to their portfolio: New Positions: BPZ Resources (BZP): 350,000 shares. This position is 0.48% of BP's portfolio. EOG Resources (EOG): 322,266 shares. This position is 1.9% of BP's portfolio. Tenaris (TS): 1,106,394 shares. This position is 3.88% of BP's portfolio. Devon Energy (DVN): 845,946 shares. This position is 4.79% of BP's portf...

  • http://articles.mcall.com/2012-10-18/news/mc-f-upper-macungie-sam-adams-brewery-explosion-201210181minor-injuries-brewery-sam-adams

    bp holdings Sweden

    Two Sam Adams employees suffered minor injuries in an explosion Thursday at the brewery in the Fogelsville section of Upper Macungie Township, officials said. Michelle Sullivan, a brewery spokeswoman, said a small explosion in the boiler room just before noon injured the two-man crew working inside. One of the men suffered eye irritation and the other had a bump on his head, but neither required hospitalization, she said. Sullivan said that after 911 was called, the entire brewery at 7880 Penn Drive, along Interstate 78, was shut down and evacuated. She said the boiler room is in a separate room and only t two men were there at the time. She said brewery officials are investigating the cause of the explosion.

    bp holdings sweden

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    100 employees evacuated, operations shut down immediately after explosion UPPER MACUNGIE TWP., Pa. - A small explosion at the Samuel Adams brewery in Lehigh County injured two employees and forced the evacuation of about 100 others, officials said.

    The explosion happened shortly before noon Thursday inside the boiler room of the brewery, which is located adjacent to Interstate 78, near Route 100, in Upper Macungie Township. Workers were starting up one of the boilers when the explosion happened, said Michelle Sullivan, a spokeswoman for the Boston Beer Company, who added that the boiler room is a free-standing structure at the brewery. Employees immediately called 911, shut down all operations and evacuated the brewery's buildings, as per the company's protocol, Sullivan said. Two workers were treated at the scene for minor injuries. One complained of eye irritation; the other suffered a bump on the head, Sullivan said.

    Samuel Adams brewery, Upper Macungie Twp., Lehigh Co. Hazardous materials crews responded to the scene because asbestos had been used to wrap pipe in the boiler room, said Sullivan, who noted that an environmental monitoring expert was also brought in by the brewery to monitor the air quality. The company was given the all-clear by the fire marshal and the fire department, who determined the...

  • Sds_132_


    City of London Police has written to up to 1,800 people they believe may have been targeted by boiler room fraudsters, after discovering a list of names and addresses as part of an international investigation.

    The investigation dubbed Operation Skijump was prompted by information fed into the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB).

    Police believe people may have been contacted by fraudsters trying to sell company shares that are either worthless or of very little value.

    Two men have already been arrested and charged with conspiracy to defraud and conspiracy to money launder.

    Officers are asking anyone who invested in the following companies to contact them as soon as possible by emailing skijump@cityoflondon.police.uk

    • Hampton Capital Management Incorporated • Pacific Capital Resource Group LLC • Fidelity Capital Management LLC • North Pacific Escrow LLC • North American Charter Incorporated • North Pacific Charter LLC

    The banks at which these accounts are held are predominantly:

    • Wells Fargo Bank • US Bank • Bank of the West • HSBC Bank USA.

    North American Charter Incorporated and Fidelity Capital Management also have accounts at the Bank of Montreal, and North Pacific Charter LLC has an account at the Royal Bank of Canada.

  • http://www.bp.com/extendedsectiongenericarticle.do?categoryId=9044262&contentId=7077293

    The dual-island nation of Trinidad and Tobago punches well above its weight in the global economy, thanks to its plentiful hydrocarbon reserves. The same is true within BP, with operations in Trinidad and Tobago accounting for around 12% of the company's total global oil and gas production. It's a long and fruitful relationship that BP hopes will continue to flourish and grow in the years to come. Five centuries ago, when explorers were sailing the globe in a bid to discover new lands, many passed through Caribbean waters on their way to the Americas. Among them was the British navigator, Sir Walter Raleigh, who – it is said – came across a ‘lake’ of asphalt on the south-western corner of Trinidad in the 1590s. Pitch Lake, as it is known today, is one of the world’s largest natural deposits of this sticky, black substance – created by deep deposits of oil that are forced to the surface, where the lighter elements of the hydrocarbon evaporate to leave behind the heavy asphalt. Adventurers such as Raleigh used the substance to seal their ships’ hulls, before continuing a voyage.

    These days, exploration in the region is not about finding new territory to mark on an atlas, but identifying further hydrocarbon deposits hinted at by the ones those early navigators first came across. The expanse of dark viscous material that seeps up through the ground at Pitch Lake provides vis...

  • Fact Sheet for TNK-BP

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    Name: TNK-BP Nationality: Russian Federation Nationality: United Kingdom WebAddress: http://www.tnk-bp.com/ General: TNK-BP is a leading Russian oil company and is among the top ten privately-owned oil companies in the world in terms of crude oil production. The company was formed in 2003 as a result of the merger of BP’s Russian oil and gas assets and the oil and gas assets of Alfa, Access/Renova group (AAR). BP and AAR each own 50% of TNK-BP. The shareholders of TNK-BP also own close to 50% of Slavneft, a vertically integrated Russian oil company. TNK-BP is a vertically integrated oil company with a diversified upstream and downstream portfolio in Russia and Ukraine. The company’s upstream operations are located primarily in West Siberia (Khanty-Mansiysk and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Districts, Tyumen Region), East Siberia (Irkutsk Region), and Volga-Urals (Orenburg Region). In 2008 the company (including its 50% share in Slavneft) produced on average 1.85 mboed. The independent audit conducted by DeGolyer and MacNaughton confirmed that as of 31 December 2008 TNK-BP’s Total Proved Reserves 10.252 billion barrels of oil equivalent, applying PRMS (formerly SPE) criteria. Proved Reserves constitutes a Total Proved PRMS reserve replacement ratio of 146%. Under SEC methodology on a life of field (LOF) basis, TNK-BP’s Total Proved Reserves were 8.112 billion barrels of oil equivalent. This represents a Total Proved SEC (LOF) reserves replacement ratio of 82%. TNK-BP controls 67...

  • 399662_442418089129548_1344123531_n_177_

    http://www.fbi.gov/stats-services/publications/financial-crimes-report-2010- Financial Crimes Overview and Priorities: The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigates matters relating to fraud, theft, or embezzlement occurring within or against the national and international financial community. These crimes are characterized by deceit, concealment, or violation of trust and are not dependent upon the application or threat of physical force or violence. Such acts are committed by individuals and organizations to obtain personal or business advantage. The FBI focuses its financial crimes investigations on such criminal activities as corporate fraud, securities and commodities fraud, health care fraud, financial institution fraud, mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, mass marketing fraud, and money laundering. These are the identified priority crime problem areas of the Financial Crimes Section (FCS) of the FBI. Mission: The mission of the FCS is to oversee the investigation of financial fraud and to facilitate the forfeiture of assets from those engaging in federal crimes. In fiscal years (FY) 2010-2011, the FCS was comprised of the Asset Forfeiture/Money Laundering Unit (AF/MLU), the Economic Crimes Unit (ECU), the Health Care Fraud Unit (HCFU), the Forensic Accountant Unit (FAU), the Financial Institution Fraud Unit (FIFU), and the Financial Intelligence Center (FIC). The ECU is responsible for significant frauds targeted against individuals, businesses, and industries,...

  • http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/352853/Rosneft-is-poised-to-buy-BP-s-holdings-in-Russia

    THE long-running saga of BP's troubled Russian joint venture moved closer to a conclusion last night as it held talks on a deal with state-owned oil giant Rosneft. Igor Sechin, chief executive of Rosneft, flew in to London for discussions on buying out BP's 50 per cent stake in TNK-BP in a deal that could be worth as much as £17.5billion for the FTSE 100 group.

  • Bp_russia_177_

    http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/352853/Rosneft-is-poised-to-buy-BP-s-holdings-in-Russia THE long-running saga of BP's troubled Russian joint venture moved closer to a conclusion last night as it held talks on a deal with state-owned oil giant Rosneft. Igor Sechin, chief executive of Rosneft, flew in to London for discussions on buying out BP's 50 per cent stake in TNK-BP in a deal that could be worth as much as £17.5billion for the FTSE 100 group. In what insiders described as "a fast-moving situation" and "a game of brinkmanship" Rosneft also looked poised to buy the remaining stake held by BP's partner, the AAR consortium controlled by a group of Russian billionaires. After years of friction between the two sides, both BP and AAR this year signalled they could sell out of the partnership or seek full control. In a dramatic move last night AAR pulled out of the bidding to buy BP's stake just hours before today's deadline. That paves the way for Rosneft to buy out both BP and AAR to gain control of the highly profitable TNK-BP business and create the world's largest oil company. BP has made it clear that it retains ambitions to remain in Russia and to expand in the Arctic

    As part of the deal BP is expected to take a 10 per cent stake in the enlarged Russian business, giving it access to one of the world's most important oil-producing countries. AAR sources said the tycoons had decided not to bid because they had been unable to raise sufficient finan...

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