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Genocide Intervention Network

Genocide Intervention Network

Community, Peace, Education

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The Genocide Intervention Network envisions a world in which the global community is willing and able to protect civilians from genocide and mass atrocities. Our mission is to empower individuals and communities with the tools to prevent and stop genocide.


You can set up a cause to benefit any of these programs directly; each is listed as a "Project" at the bottom of this page. To set your cause to benefit a specific project, create your cause and once it is created, click to edit it and select a specific program.

Through our DARFUR CIVILIAN PROTECTION PROGRAM, Genocide Intervention Network members and contributors from across the United States and the world have donated over $350,000 to protect civilians in Darfur.

The Genocide Intervention Network's civilian protection program, implemented with our local partner in Darfur, engages in strategies to ensure that women can safely obtain firewood, including through assisting African Union peacekeepers to provide firewood patrols. We work in locations where the AU has sufficient resources to perform this task, but where such patrols are not occurring due to a lack of coordination. Our project works closely with displaced women and girls, community leaders, and the African Union to coordinate and oversee these patrols.

These anti-genocide activists have asserted that they are willing to take out their wallets in order to protect those civilians in Darfur who have been subject to violent murder, rape, and displacement since the beginning of the genocide.

Fundraise for Genocide Intervention Network.

The DARFUR CONGRESSIONAL SCORECARD tracks each legislator's record on ending the genocide.

In 2004, Congress and President Bush declared the situation in Darfur to be genocide. The violence still continues today.

Members of Congress must turn their words into effective action to end the genocide in Darfur now!

Darfur Scores

The Genocide Intervention Network has created the first-ever ANTI-GENOCIDE HOTLINE, 1-800-GENOCIDE. Call today to be connected directly to your elected officials for free. All you need is your zip code.

The hotline will provide you with up-to-date talking points related to current Darfur legislation and other actions your elected officials can take to help end the genocide. Make Darfur a top priority for your governor, members of Congress and the White House!

1800 Genocide

Our TARGETED SUDAN DIVESTMENT CAMPAIGN coordinates grassroots activism and lobbying to divest funds from the most egregious, worst-offending companies without doing harm to innocent Sudanese civilians.

Since the Sudan divestment movement began in April 2005, many states, cities and universities have restricted Sudan-linked investments. California, the first US state to adopt the Genocide Intervention Network's targeted divestment model, is home to the two largest public pension systems in the country.

Sudan Divestment

STAND: A STUDENT ANTI-GENOCIDE COALITION is a nationwide, student-led division of the Genocide Intervention Network that mobilizes high school and college-age young adults through more than 800 campus chapters. Formed out of the rapidly-growing student movement to protect Darfur, STAND works to unify this anti-genocide movement under one message by providing students with informational, educational and organizing resources, empowering them through an extensive network of impassioned student activists and advocating for a change in the world's mentality towards genocide.

In 2006, as part of its "Time to Protect" campaign, STAND students raised more than $100,000 for civilian protection in Darfur. In 2007, STAND activists dramatized the link between China's economic and diplomatic support of Sudan and the Darfur genocide by forming a human chain spanning 12 blocks in New York City.

Stand Now

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