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Springhill Group Home Loans

Springhill Group Home Loans


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  • Newscenter - Springhill Group Home Loans Korea Reviews asks: What is the rest period in home loan offers?

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    Almost every financial institute in India offers home loans and the same makes it easier for an individual to aim for the ownership of a property/home. While opting for a home loan, it is very important for an individual to understand the terms and various parameters of the loan that are applicable.

    To have clarity about home loans, it is essential for one to understand the concept of a "rest". A rest is the interval at which the balance of the loan amount is recalculated. It is applicable in the cases of reducing balance loan amounts. The rest can be yearly, monthly or daily. A brief description is as follows:

    Annual rest: During an annual rest, although one pays the EMIs, the loan amount based on which the interest is paid is recalculated at the end of the 12 months only. Therefore, one ends up paying interest on the same loan amount, even when the outstanding loan amount reduces each month.

    Monthly rest: Unlike annual rest, during monthly rest, the remaining amount of home loan is calculated each month. The balance amount decreases every month. The customer has the advantage because the rest matches the frequency of the user’s loan repayment

    Daily rest: Generally, salaried employees do not choice this option. It is more convenient self employed people who receive income at irregular intervals.

    Make sure that you understand all the terms and conditions of the home loan documents before signing the dotted line.

    MakaanIQ is an initiative by real estate website to provide information intelligence and tools to help property seekers and real estate industry players take informed property decisions. MakaanIQ offers a host of services for the benefit of the home buyers including latest news on the Indian real estate sector and analysis of the property trends across major Indian cities.

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