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    Friends Without A Border is seeking volunteer designers who can work on small projects such as x-mas cards and event invites. If you are interested in helping please respond to this post.

    Friends Without A Border (Friends) was founded in 1995 by internationally acclaimed photographer Kenro Izu who has dedicated himself and his photography to Cambodia's children. By using his photography to raise awareness and financial support, Izu's dream was realized in 1999 with the opening of Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC). Over the past 7 years AHC has treated over 408,000 children and the range of services it provides has grown. The AHC Medical Training Program has flourished and AHC is now an officially recognized Teaching Hospital. The Capacity Building and Health Education Program continues to grow and has begun to make a significant impact on the medical infrastructure of Cambodia. Friends remains a small organization with great ambitions, maintaining small offices in N.Y., Tokyo and Paris. Friends employs only four staff members and maintains a modest budget. Funds are raised through grants, donations, annual events and the generosity of our donors.

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    Posted May 24, 2007
    By Friends Without A Border

By using Izu's photography to raise awareness and financial support,his dream was realized in 1999 with the opening of Angkor Hospital for Children.

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