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Black Hawk Mines Bulletin

Black Hawk Mines Bulletin

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  • Stats_177_ Gold futures rose to a two-week high amid signs of increasing demand for bars and coins. Platinum climbed to the highest since November. – Bloomberg Fruitnotes Blogs | The premium to take immediate delivery of gold in China, the world’s biggest consumer, was $20 an ounce today, compared with last month’s average of $15.35. Istanbul Gold Exchange data yesterday showed Turkey’s imports increased 64 percent in December. On Dec. 31, futures in New York touched $1,181.40, the lowest since June. *“A lot of people are seeing the drop as an opportunity to accumulate gold,” *Miguel Perez-Santalla, a vice president at New York-based BullionVault, an online service for buying physical metal, said in a telephone interview. “We are seeing some traders also increase positions.” Gold futures for February delivery climbed 1.1 percent to settle at $1,238.60 at 1:45 p.m. on the Comex in New York. Earlier, the price reached $1,239.60, the highest for a most-active contract since Dec. 18. This week, the metal rose 2 percent, the most since Oct. 25. *Fact: Gold slumped 28 percent in 2013 as money-printing by central banks failed to spur inflation, damping demand for a protection of wealth. Forest Officials’ negligence led to mining scam * In 2013, gold tumbled 28 percent, the most since 1981 and the first drop since 2000. Some investors lost faith in the metal as an alternative investment amid a U.S. equity rally to a record and muted inflation. China’s consumption of jewelry, bars and...
  • Brits Relaxed About Banks Mining Data To Fight Fraud

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    The IT giant polled 1000 UK adults as part of a global survey and found that three quarters of respondents are comfortable with sharing their personal information with banks.

    In fact, 86% expect their provider to mine their data to help fight fraud and 77% would even consider changing banks if a competitor offered assurances that their data and money would be safer.

    The research also highlights a communications challenge for banks: 60% of consumers want their provider to communicate with them about their account or transaction information via alerts to their phone but only 28% frequently share information on these devices.

    When it comes to using personal data to target deals and offers, the message is mixed: 78% of those quizzed for Infosys say that they would be more likely to purchase from a retailer again if they provided offers targeted to their interests, wants or needs.

    However, recent research by privacy group Big Brother Watch found that 41% of people feel consumers are being harmed by big companies gathering large amounts of data and Barclays faced a barrage of publicity this week when it told UK customers that, from this autumn, it could start selling their anonymised data to other companies.

    Stephen Pratt, MD, worldwide consulting and systems integration and executive council member, Infosys, says: "Our research shows that people will certainly share though they're very savvy about how they give up their personal information. Companies need to crack the ...

  • Investment Banks Moving To Neutral on Mining Stocks

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    At least for a few investment banks like JP Morgan Cazenove and Citigroup, the negative tides for mining stocks appear to shifting towards the positive as they have changed their views from bearish to neutral. JP Morgan Cazenove is still taking a guarded position towards mining stocks but sees companies within the industry aggressively cutting costs which is one of the reasons why mining stocks rise. Citi analysts stay negative in their short-term outlook of the sector except furthermore observe some positivity in mining stocks in six months. “We believe that the large miners, such as Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton, are now reaching yield support as they are trading on higher yields than the market,” Citi said. Eric Lemieux, mining analyst with Laurentian Bank Securities in Montreal, remains bullish on mining stocks, saying that the commodities super cycle has not ended and despite slowdowns in the economy, there is still strong metals consumption. The hit that commodity prices and miners have taken in 2013 may not necessarily be a bad thing, he said. “With this downturn, in the scope of things, I think it’s positive for the industry because we did have a period of micro inflation where costs had gone up tremendously in terms of labor and engineering firms; it just overheated,” Lemieux said. “This retreat and decline in commodity prices, although it hurts, there’s some positives here in terms of cost settling down.” JP Morgan mentioned a bottoming out in Chinese commodity import ...

  • 1_177_

    Black Hawk Mines B06N

    The pioneers in progressive mine rehabilitation is one of the greatest assets in departmentalizing mining stereotypes. Environmentally friendly procedures and more and more miscellaneous ecosystems are becoming the standard as companies regard local ecosystem rehabilitation as a part of the on-going mining process.

    To better understand these progressive rehab techniques, here are some words from Idemitsu Australia Resources Corporate Sustainability and Environment Manager Dr. Jan Green and Parsons Brinckerhoff Team Manager, Alex Cockerill.

    “There’s an increasing focus on establishing complex and diverse natural ecosystems as part of mine rehabilitation,” she says. “With progressive rehab, it takes a much shorter time after the mine closes before the original flora and fauna can take over naturally.”

    Her existing project is a 6- to 7-year-old mine that will sooner or later go back to a box gum woodland with white box gum trees. She explains that one of the biggest challenges is keeping up with the mining as it happens.

    A strict schedule of clearing between summer and autumn allows species, for example, to nest in the winter and raise young in the spring. Cockerill says the team salvages hollow logs and timber for the provision of supplementary fauna habitats within the rehabilitation, and collects the seeds of local species of plant from the adjoining forest for propagation in a nursery.

    By means of local species, it provides them a bette...


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    OCALA, FLORIDA – AUGUST 4, 2011 (IMMEDIATE RELEASE) – Blackhawk Mines Corp., B06N.F, WKN Number - A1H52M, ISIN Number - CA08265A1003, website - is pleased to announce that the company has advanced the initial payment for the initiation of a work program on the Big Bear Mining Claims.

    This is the initial payment of a $10,000,000 Joint Venture entered by the two companies with the goal of proving the indicated gold resources on the Big Bear claims and if warranted, developing the Big Bear property to possible production. Siga's work program and the beginning of evaluation of the project are underway as of Aug 3, 2011.

    The work program will consist of extensive mapping of existing trenches, outcrop, oxidized zones and other previous workings including drill sites. Geochem sampling of large areas of the claim group along with sampling of all pits and trenches will be conforming with previous mapped and sampled areas which returned assays of greater than .01 oz/ton gold in the soil geochem. These areas of greater than .01 oz/ton gold covered a large area of the claim group and give rise to the anticipated total indicated contained ounces of gold which could range from 1 to 2 million ounces.

    The Big Bear project is currently controlled under an agreement to acquire 100 percent of the property. It is situated near Lucerne Valley, CA and currently consists of approx 1440 acres (approx 2.25 square miles) of mining claims. The Big Bear Claims a...


    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department joined a lawsuit Friday against disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong that alleges the former seven-time Tour de France champion concealed his use of performance-enhancing drugs and defrauded his longtime sponsor, the U.S. Postal Service.

    The lawsuit alleges that riders on the postal service-sponsored team, including Armstrong, knowingly violated their postal service agreements by regularly using banned substances and methods to enhance their performance.

    "Lance Armstrong and his cycling team took more than $30 million from the U.S. Postal Service based on their contractual promise to play fair and abide by the rules — including the rules against doping," said U.S. Attorney Ronald Machen, whose office is handling the case. "The Postal Service has now seen its sponsorship unfairly associated with what has been described as 'the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program that sport has ever seen.'"

    In recent weeks, settlement discussions had been under way between the Justice Department and Armstrong's lawyers. A person familiar with the negotiations said Friday the two sides are tens of millions of dollars apart on how much Armstrong should pay to settle the case. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the source was not authorized to speak on the record about the private talks.

    From 1996 throug...

  • CoalGuru - Times of India reported that India’s Central Bureau of Investigation on Monday conducted raids on office, factory and residences of promoters of Rungta Group of companies in alleged coal linkage scam at different places in the state. The places include three sponge iron factories, office and residence in Ranchi and Ramgarh in Jharkhand. Other than Jharkhand, the raids were also conducted at Varanasi, Kolkata, and Delhi. The raids started simultaneously around 8am. The two plants where raids were conducted include Maa Chhinnamastika Sponge Iron in Barkakana, Jharkhand Ispat at Hesla and Alok Steel. The sleuths conducted raids as the industries got coal from CIL subsidiary companies like the Central Coalfields Limited at lower cost and mass level irregularities were detected in usage of coal linkage.

    CBI sources said Jharkhand Ispat Private Limited, a company of Rungta, was allotted North Dhadu coal block on January 13, 2006 for its sponge iron plant.

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    -Walker Considers to Revise Mining Bill if it means More Jobs in Wisconsin – “He would be willing to consider tweaks to last year’s stalled mining bill, as long as the new measure results in actual mining jobs in Wisconsin”

    -Blackhawk Duties of a Boiler Maker and Welders – “Boiler Makers are very vital in fact without them the industry would run because basically they are involved in the design, construction, maintenance or repair of different metal products...

  • Blackhawk Mines Corp B06N:BER - WORDPRESS

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    Blackhawk Mines Corp., formerly Bentley Fairview Resources Co. Ltd., is a gold focused exploration and mining development company with additional interests in silver. It is engaged in the process of identifying and qualifying existing independent gold mining operations in Colombia, Peru and Brazil. Its projects include Las Palmeras, Marmajon Project, Marmajito Mining Sector and Big Bear Gold Claims. The Las Palmeras License # 4395 is located in Segovia, Antioquia adjacent to the Frontino Gold Belt reserve. Marmajon Project consists of #5163, # 5570, #6116, #4070 licenses. Marmajito Mining Sector is located in catchment area of work Marmajito underground mine, which operates the mines Naranjos, La Picuda and Las Brisas. Big Bear Claims lie in southwestern San Bernardino County about 30 miles northeast of San Bernardino on the north east side of the San Bernardino Mountains The Big Bear claims covers an area of 1,440 acres, near Lucerne Valley, CA and consists of nine claims.

  • The Six Lessons I Live By

    Community, Industrial Design

    1. Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you and move out of their way.

    If you feel like you know everything, you’re wrong. I know what I don’t know and then I find partners who can teach me. A perfect example is my partnership with Patrick Whitesell, my co-CEO at WME. While we take on different roles at the company and focus on different things, we share the same goals and at the end of the day, we’re working toward the same end. That’s been the key to our success.

    1. The only constant in business is change. Get comfortable with it.

    When I started in the business, there were four broadcast networks and 19 cable networks. Now there are five broadcast networks, 117 cable networks, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, HBOGo, iTunes, Amazon Prime, VOD – the list goes on and on. Next year there will be more distribution platforms, and in ten years the landscape will have shifted another 180 degrees. The business is changing quickly, and the only way to succeed is to change with it. I always tell my colleagues, there is no such thing as a traditional talent agent anymore. It’s about pushing beyond that 10% commission and finding opportunity where it didn’t exist before.

    1. Fail often, fail quickly.

    Nobody fucks up like I do, but you’ll never succeed unless you take risks. Big ones. In 2009, we took Endeavor, a company that was doing incredibly well, and merged it with the oldest talent agency in the world. From a cultural and organizational standpoint, it was a big...

  • Black Hawk Mining Articles Group | MyOpera

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    All for preservation and promotion of mining ghost towns. Supports historical sites and promote the rebirth of current mining ghost towns that still have a lot of potential in generating income and historical value. Bring out news and details regarding mining-sites-turned-ghost-towns to educate people interested in history and to gather support for our cause from different parts of the world.

    Calgary trio draws $54-million...

    Reported on and blogged on

    In a separate case, Brost and Sorenson were arrested in 2009 for what police called "the largest Ponzi scheme" in Canadian history, bilking $400 million.

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