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Premium Ishikawa Brand Project

Premium Ishikawa Brand Project


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  • The “Premium Ishikawa Brand” logo competition

    Premium Ishikawa Brand Project,

    Community, Industrial Design


    Create the official logo for the Premium Ishikawa Brand– a program by Ishikawa Prefecture to promote the exceptional local products and industries of Ishikawa!

    Competition Summary

    Ishikawa Prefecture is located in the middle of the Hokuriku region. The capital of Ishikawa, Kanazawa, is one of the last great castle towns in Japan, and accredited as an UNESCO Creative City of Craft and Fork Art in 2009. While maintaining its historical heritage, Kanazawa also promotes a modern infrastructure.

    In 2011, Ishikawa Prefecture began a product-authorization project in order to strengthen the competitive power of the local craftsmanship and small and medium-sized enterprises within the prefecture. This is called the “Premium Ishikawa Brand” project, and to start, a new logo design competition has been opened. Select products will be approved to carry the certification logo which will be widely promoted in the domestic as well as overseas market.

    Products will be divided into 5 categories- Machinery, Information Technology, Textiles, Food, and Traditional Arts and Crafts. The certified products should excel in design, function, and innovation. Premium Ishikawa Brand products will be distinguished by the exclusive logo and promoted as exceptional brands.

    Entrant requirements:Open to all ( including students)

    Application process;

    1.Entries from outside Japan shall be accepted only by Internet mail.

    2.If you prefer to send original artwork by postal mail, please contact us.

    3.Entries should be attached to the e-mail, and the attached file should be no larger than 5 MB, in JPEG or PDF format. A PDF format should be finalized by the entrant.

    4.If the design is part of a series, you may attach more than one piece of artwork, but the total size shall not exceed 5 MB. You may submit multiple pieces of artwork, but a separate entry must be made for each concept and each entry must be mailed separately.

    5.Use of any painting or coloring materials, and various colors are allowed. Please also note that the logo may be used in black and white as well.

    6.Your logo must include the words; (English)Premium Ishikawa Brand
    Or (Japanese) 石川プレミアム ブランド

    7.Please specify the following in your mail: your name, address, and age (birth date, year), E-mail address, telephone number. occupation ( type of work) or school ( major, year)

    Award: The winner: 1 person (Only one prize is offered)

    Prize money of 100,000 yen will be awarded to the Winner.

    Application deadline: 6:00pm, May 31, 2012 (mail received by), Japan time Application Deadline is May 31, 2012!

    Submissions and inquiries by E-mail:

    E-mail: (Ishikawa Prefectural Government New York Representative Office)

    Address for submission and reference: Ishikawa Prefectural Government of Commerce, Industry and Labor Department, Industrial-Policy Division

    Judging and Announcement

    Judging will be carried out by the Premium Ishikawa Brand Project Committee. Announcement of the winning logo will be in August, on the Ishikawa Prefecture website. The winner will be notified by the committee.


    1. An applicant in this competition shall certify and guarantee that his/her proposal is original and unpublished, and does not violate the rights of a third party or any copyright laws.
    2. An applicant may submit more than one design as noted in the design summary.
    3. All submitted designs and original works will not be returned to the applicant.
    4. All rights associated with the winning design shall be transferred to Ishikawa prefecture.
    5. All entries shall be retained by Ishikawa prefecture for the record of the competition.
    6. The winning design may be partially modified or redesigned.

    Personal Information Guideline

    1.Personal information of the individual entrants shall be handled in the appropriate manner. 2.The name, address (country and city), age and occupation of the award winner shall be announced in the official announcement.


    About Ishikawa Prefecture

    Japanese competition summary

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    Posted May 02, 2012
    By Premium Ishikawa Brand Project

Premium Ishikawa Brand to promote local traditional art products as well as high-tech industrial products

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