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Belgrade Design Week

Belgrade Design Week

Communication, Arts & Culture, Education

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In this time of global economic crisis and economy of transition still developing in Serbia and a large part of South East Europe, our mission can only be to survive and successfully stage yet another amazing seven-days-festival of the creative industries, albeit the most relevant one in the 100-million people region between Vienna and Istanbul.

The foundation is clear - we have an amazing reputation to defend and develop further: our famous international three days conference has been voted one of the best global creative conferences by worldwide opinion leaders and media, 5 years in a row, and the list of participants is growing and setting absolutely new standards and perspectives, globally unmatched!

Additionally to the conference, respectful to economical realities, we continue to develop our next true mission point: to each year again and again transform the streets, museums, showrooms, workshops, studios, galleries, schools, media, and in general, the MINDS of Belgrade, into a week-long international place of connection between the creative industries and the world of business, without bias, enabling our citizens and visitors to enjoy an inspirational city-wide festival, as well as allowing Belgrade to fulfill its creative potential.

Our Mission is to convert Lecturers to Ambassadors, Visitors to Members, and Everyone to Loyal Supporter.

Our vision is simple and organic, and firmly rooted in the current successful DNA of BDW: we are working hard to widen the extent of a seven-day festival into a more complex, year long continuous role of being the premier one stop partner for building a society of knowledge in SEE. To achieve this, we are further and deeper developing connections on two levels: firstly with all surrounding regional centers, as well as secondly with leading global design-hubs, ensuring a 365 days/year active two-way exchange of projects, ideas, collaborations. We not only help developing a network of creative cities worldwide, but in the process produce effective new tools such as websites, blogs, seminars and knowledge centers such as libraries and series of ongoing events, all the way to opening a permanent regional design museum in Belgrade.

BDW exists to be the bridge between the creative industries and the business world, the global design scene and the local and regional impetus, the private economy and the government administration, and last but not least, the connection between our famously passionate audience and the leading global creative minds of the 21st century. Our successfully developed vision would firmly place Belgrade and Serbia as well as the whole region on the global creative map, and ensure BDW's role as global partner to leading institutions and events devoted to building a better society with help of creative industries.

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Belgrade Design Week

Rige od Fere 22
Belgrade, Serbia 11000
Serbia and Montenegro
office: +(381)11.3283235

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