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Forty Red Bangles

Forty Red Bangles

Community, Arts & Culture, Environment

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Forty Red Bangles is a socially conscious company, moving towards creating a sustainable luxury line of clothing and fashion accessories.

Forty Red Bangles embodies the Punjabi ‘chura ceremony’, in which the maternal uncle of the bride put red and ivory bangles on the bride’s wrist. It is customary for them to be worn for forty days after the wedding ceremony.

It is with this sense of tradition and ceremony, that Forty Red Bangles approaches design.

The brand is a fusion of ethnicity and modernism, drawing upon the colour palette reminiscent of India’s art, street and spices; translating into an eclectic range.

Each piece is handcrafted and personality-filled; targeted towards strong individuals, drawn to something different. Each piece pays homage to the earth; incorporating ecological elements into its design and construction.

Go glamorously green with Forty Red Bangles

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  • Ramona Saboo

Sustainable Luxury

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Forty Red Bangles

Mumbai, India

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