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Chernobyl Foundation

Chernobyl Foundation

Community, Aid, Environment

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  • Recruiter - Volunteer Needed


    About Our Organization

    Established in October of 2010, Chernobyl Foundation is an international non-profit organization based in Toronto, Canada with operations in the areas that were affected by Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

    Our vision is to restore safety and stability to the environment and society in the most contaminated areas near Chernobyl.

    Our mission is to clean up radioactive waste produced by the explosion at Chernobyl’s nuclear power plant – the worst nuclear disaster in the world.

    We intend to move towards solving a Global problem by raising funds and participating in large variety of disaster recovery projects in the following areas:

    • Environmental Projects
    • Humanitarian Projects
    • Research and Development Projects
    • Global Collaboration Projects
    • Industrial Projects

    We seek to inspire people that can advance the cause of Chernobyl recovery and deliver innovative solutions that would satisfy the nature and people.

    By mobilizing people around the world and use the best available scientific knowledge, we can restore one of the top 10 most polluted places on Earth.

    Work Description

    Oversee the entire recruitment and selection process: create job advertisements, evaluate candidates, conduct interviews and present candidates with overall assessments and hire recommendations.

    Develop creative strategies to recruit candidate pool using a variety of tools and techniques, including, social media, job fairs, post secondary institutions, online tools, etc.

    Work closely with executives and participate in decision-making processes; create an extraordinary team.

    Location: Work from home, mobile;

    Hours: Flexible; 0 - 20 hours per week (volunteer's choice);


    • Be creative (candidate assessment, sourcing strategies, etc.)
    • Exceptional communication skills (verbal and written)
    • Ability to work collaboratively within a team as well as independently
    • Outstanding relationship building skills
    • Good computer skills (internet search, social media, job board posting)

    Qualified applicants are invited to submit a resume to If you have any further questions please phone Chernobyl Foundation at (416) 731 - 0988.

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Restore one of the top 10 most polluted places on Earth - Chernobyl.

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Chernobyl Foundation

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