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Careersters is a company that invents digital learning experiences for kids and young adults that utilize scalable learning technologies to create ubiquitous classrooms. Our company’s flagship product is Careersters, a web-based career discovery platform built expressively for kids and young adults.

Our mission is to transform the lives of tomorrow’s leaders using social web applications that massively engages and excites their collective imagination to dream bigger and to see the world and themselves in ways no one else can.

We are a team of edhackers (educators, designers, coders, social disruptors, & game developers) driven by academic reinvention that brings the web into the classroom and the classroom into every room.

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  • Kalimah Priforce
  • Maynard Clark

Careersters is a web-based career discovery platform that navigates the uncharted dreams of tomorrow's leaders - making Career Day, Every Day.

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