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Farbwerte (colo values)

Farbwerte (colo values)

Community, Arts & Culture

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A country’s flag has the ability to invoke a disparate set of sentiments: pride, racism and nostalgia among others. Whether being hoisted up a pole, adorning the clothes and faces of sports enthusiasts or being set alight by racial extremists, a nation’s flag is a powerful, yet polarizing symbol.

For this project, designers and artists are given the task of incorporating the German flag into artworks, thereby using this public object as a medium to illustrate a personal story or point of view.

In addition over 45 large format portraits of people from various areas of the society were photographed till today.

This is a ongoing project! When you're interested in taking part, please get in touch with us.

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  • Robert Eysoldt

For this project, a host of designers and artists were given the task of incorporating the German flag into artworks.

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Farbwerte (colo values)

Berlin, Berlin Germany
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Moderator: Robert Eysoldt