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Megacities 2010, Art Center Studio Project

Megacities 2010, Art Center Studio Project

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In collaboration with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the regional office of the Americas for the World Health Organization, the Illustration and Designmatters Departments at Art Center College of Design have partnered on an educational project to develop communication vehicles marketing the concept of “Urban Health” as the theme of World Health Day 2010. Tackling the topic of urban health is an opportunity for students to translate and visualize for a larger public’s understanding the weight of the issues that are core determinants affecting the health of our cities and their citizens. Environmental hazards, pollution, waste, violence and safety, traffic congestion, sanitation, socio/economic inequities, lack of access to education and basic health care are but some of the critical issues at stake.


This series of posters, currently in a conceptual stage and awaiting design refinement in the coming weeks, was conceived by a team of nine illustration and graphic design students who are charged with creating the campaign and producing a call to action that can both mobilize communities on a grassroots level and inspire policy change within the governmental sector. The students are also working to develop a secondary series of media messages for the campaign that will span across animated and digital platforms.

Clarifying the complex linkages between urbanization and public health, the campaign represents the opportunity to rally for a more sustainable urban future across North and South America.

The studio’s final outcomes will enjoy international distribution by PAHO as part of World Health Day 2010.

For more information about Designmatters, Art Center’s social impact design department, visit

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Megacities 2010, Art Center Studio Project

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