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Communication, Community, Environment

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Tessea is a consulting firm dedicated exclusively to sustainable development & eco business.

Tessea is focused on green services: eco investment + venture capital, CSR management + sustainability strategy, communication ethics + green marketing, GHG Protocol + carbon offset, energy + climate change consulting and CO2.0 program.

Tessea' s team philosophy is a blend of economic performance and ethics. Eco business angels by nature, Tessea is a fully integrated and independent company. Tessea loves to work with eco concious people and creates value for its partners and clients as a provider of sustainable solutions.

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CO2.0 (Carbon Offset 2.0) is a carbon offset program dedicated to online businesses. Website, blog or personal page runs on CO2 producing electricity. CO2 is a greenhouse gas which contribute to global warming. We provide carbon offsetting to develop CDM projects and make neutral carbon websites.

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CSR management, communication ethics, carbon & climate change consulting

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Toulouse, Montpellier, Paris, France

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