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Vortex Theater Company

Vortex Theater Company

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  • Antique Theater Seats for Sale, Seeking New Ones

    Vortex Theater Company, United States

    Arts & Culture


    Vortex Theatre has a large refurbishment planned at the end of August. The theatre will be selling 74 antique metal theater seats. The structure of the seats are in great condition although the upholstery must be updated. Seeking someone to purchase them at a great price. These are the kind of chairs that someone could easily reupholster and resell as individual seats or as a whole. Also looking to replace those antique theater seats with approximately 60 new seats. The seats we need can be used, old, new, as long as they are uniform and relatively comfortable. They should be individual seats that can stand on their own.

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    Posted May 30, 2007
    By Vortex Theater Company

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Vortex Theater Company

164 Eleventh Ave.
New York, NY 10011
United States
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