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Hunger Relief Router

Hunger Relief Router

Community, Aid, Poverty

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I have funded the development of the Hunger Relief Router module on Facebook to give users the ability to monitor and react to hunger as it exists in their immediate and extended social networks. The module identifies who in your immediate network is closer to other users that are feeding the hungry. By giving food to these immediate friends, they can then pass it along to their friends, who are identified by their installed module as even closer to those feeding the hungry. Slowly, food will travel to those who are actually delivering food aid to the hungry. The basic premise is that friends will see other anyway so food aid might as well come along for the ride. The net result will be the creation of a "person to person" food supply chain that has higher participation rates and is less costly than other methods used to distribute food to the hungry. The Hunger Relief Router is certainly not a replacement for other forms of food aid but it can certainly be an additional contributor to the solution.

I am now looking the following services:
1) Logo and identity creation
2) Web site design and content creation
3) Brand and Marketing strategy consulting/discussions, including:
3a.) Identification of the challenges to the module's adoption and potential mitigating actions
3b.) Product launch strategy & media/PR plan
4) Talent search for a volunteer technical leader that will lead the module's open-source code development, including being responsible for the developer mailing list and CVS source code repository.

At your convenience, please send me a message with your initial thoughts. Then, let's get a group together on my conference bridge to discuss further.

Best Regards,


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Hunger Relief Router -- A Peer-to-Peer Network for Food Aid

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