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Kara Weaves

Kara Weaves

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Kara is a creative venture with a social cause, born out of the felt need to give the Kerala handloom industry a much-needed impetus.We are a group of women who work with independent teams of weavers across the state and small sets of rural tailors to create handmade home furnishings of the highest finish and quality. This first-of-its-kind attempt in Kerala hopes to bridge the gap between this traditional weaving art form and a contemporary lifestyle.

Kara brings to you exclusively designed and woven home and bath items made of a finely woven cotton towel material called thorthu, traditionally used as an ayurvedic body-wipe fabric.

Why handloom? Handloom’s unique quality is that of the yarn which is of pure cotton variety suitable only for slow speed spinning and weaving process. This preserves the lustre, colour-holding capacity, absorbency, softness and durability of cotton products. It was this finesse and feel that made Indian cotton fabric so famous in earlier times. So yes, we at Kara are crazy about these breezy, soft, handmade fabrics; sharing it with others is what we do best!

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The Kara Story

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Kara Weaves is re-born every summer. I am not sure how, but it seems to be the case. Let me backtrac...

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A creative venture with a social cause, Kara Weaves works with independent weaving communities to create custom home furnishings

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Kara Weaves

13/256 A, Kanjiramattom PO
Ernakulam District, Kerala 682315
+91 9995327661

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