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Cities x Design

Cities x Design

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  • Skyscrapers - Mumbai's future??

    Environment, Environmental Design


    'Engineering Marvels ' or 'Urban Monuments' skyscrapers have always been objects of fascination for mankind. Humankind has always aspired to reach for the stars. Whether it was the Warner brothers or the Qutub Minar the thirst to reach the skies remains far from quenched .

    As cities started to cramp up high rises as they are called will be the only choice left to meet the ever increasing demand for housing. Mumbai is no stranger to this phenomenon as it sees every nook in the city being redeveloped for creating more dwellings. So can we infer that multistoryed giants are the 'only' solution to house the urban rich and poor?

    While the notion of a 'tower' was introduced in our setup years back some questions arose that still remain unanswered. Questions which may have been ignored or side tracked due to circumstantial pressure at the time but which cannot be left unanswered for too long.

    How does this huge 'insert' fit into our densely chaotic city? Where roads and infrastructure have not been pre planned for the same and always come as an afterthought when things start to go wrong. Whether this monumental add on can assimilate into the city fabric and provide for a conducive environment for community growth?or is moving further towards urban alienation and isolation.

    Architects have brainstormed in the past trying to bring the design idea of 'street' and 'courtyards' into buildings in order to humanize them. But are these really being put into 'real' practic...

  • Creating an office space for freelance workers

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    If you work from home then you will understand just how difficult it can be to separate your work life from your personal life. This is why it is a good idea to set up a home office to work in. This room should be separate from the rooms in your house where you would usually relax, like your bedroom and living room. In order to create your home office you will need a desk to put your computer on, as well as things like box files to keep your documents well organised. If you want to keep your children out of your office you can always put a lock on the door. During the weekends you should hand the key to your office over to your partner so you are not tempted to sneak in and do some work when you should be out enjoying yourself and spending quality time with your family.

  • Drag More Traffic To Your Site By Socializing

    Community, Communication Design

    People really need to learn exactly why Online promoting is definitely important, you blog on some sort of standard groundwork and also generate meaningful conversation by your social networking sites. But you also need to help what else you could do to help create far more traffic to your site beyond Affiliate marketing 101… Socializing by means of diverse on-line platforms is key to reaching consumers near and much who may take an interest in what your company has to offer. Listed below are four, lesser-thought-about methods for drawing more traffic to your site by socializing.

    Reply to all responses and web opinions about your company.

    Replying to comments on your social media marketing sites allows the consumer a personal tie up to your current company because someone took the time to write back. It may also crank out even more conversation, a positive feel for your consumer along with the potential that she or he may crank out completely new targeted visitors for your internet site by simply sharing the experience. Additionally, commenting on reviews about ones company will probably clear up troubles specifically with the consumer and improve company’s reputation by staying active and attentive.

    Research and take edge involving guest writing a blog opportunities.

    They’re available there! Enhancing companies will most likely welcome the chance have other experts lead with their blog. This gives them content and improves their standing as a result of relating to re...

  • Cxd_cumulus_issuu_page_01_132_

    The United States is currently at a crossroad where the transitions between its past, present and future are being articulated. Cities from around the country are challenged in unprecedented ways at the beginning of this 21st century. The American urban model, developed around cars, highways, and vast suburbs, is slowly exhausting its promises for a better life while poor planning has made cities incredibly obsolete. In this time of crisis, many places have to learn how to become relevant again.

    At a global level, many people are asking what makes a city great. Are great cities those that provide unforgettable experiences? Or are they places that manage to seamlessly bind the way they look with the way they work? How should they balance both tradition and modernity?

    This paper shows, through best practice examples collected during a 30-city tour, the various roles that designers play in this time of urban transformation. It also questions the implications linked to historic preservation and the relevance of both old and new ideas in urban environments.

    Read the paper: Cities x Design: Best Design Practices from the United States

  • Dongdaemun_park_01_177_

    Learn about best design practices for social, economic and cultural development in urban settings.

    World Design Capital: Design Success Stories

  • Cities x Design Needs Contributors

    Communication, Communication Design


    We are building the largest database of Cities x Design best practices and we need your help. We are now looking for contributions from designers from across the United States. Please fill out the form (link below) and let us know how design is affecting your city. Have a look around the site for the type of interventions we are looking for and then start uploading.

    Cities x Design is laying the groundwork for new thinking that promotes local creativity and design practices that add value to cities.

    Our mission is to connect cities, cultures and creative people in order to demonstrate how investing in design can change perceptions, boost economies and create unique places.

    Our vision is to transform places creatively and promote design-led futures in American cities.

    Submit your design to Cities x Design

  • Social Design Consulting

    Communication, Communication Design


    Social Design Consulting Services offering in the following areas:

    *Communications: Creative tools and services that are customized around specific projects, events, or networks.

    *Media Storytelling: Video, photography and interactive storytelling to promote projects or events via multiple platforms.

    *Social Design Research: Reports and news related to design with a social or environmental impact.

    *Cities: Expertise on the future of cities and the role of design in urban settings.

    *Social design Workshops: Concept development for design workshops that are targeting social, cultural or urban issues.

    Sali Sasaki

  • Cities x Design Trailer

    Environment, Communication Design

Cities x Design is an online documentary that emphasizes design, local skills and culture across the United States in 35 pre-selected cities.

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