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Sustainable Sanitation Design

Sustainable Sanitation Design

Well-being, Environment, Poverty

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  • Urine diversion slab - finalization and pre production

    Sustainable Sanitation Design, Norway

    Aid, Industrial Design


    The centre piece in our systems for improved urban slum sanitation is the Urban Public Sanitation Unit and the most important component is the urine diversion slab. We have developed a deign brief based on the needs and functions - initial work has been done but we need to finalize the process and make it production ready.

    We have a team of designers that have been on this assignment but we need additional funds to finalize or pro bono time for the completion.

    The goal for the urban public units is dissemination across the urban slums of Africa as part of a franchise of urban toilet owners that provide a quality service to the people and producing agricultural inputs in the form of urine and a soil improvement product. The income goes back to the urban unit owners to motivate the owners to expand or improve the sanitation service in the community.

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    Posted August 07, 2009
    By Sustainable Sanitation Design

Sustainable Sanitation Design

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Sustainable Sanitation Design

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