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Sustainable Sanitation Design

Sustainable Sanitation Design

Well-being, Environment, Poverty

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  • Industrial design time for development of sanitation products

    Sustainable Sanitation Design, Norway

    Aid, Industrial Design


    During 2007/08 we developed a design brief and details for a sanitation solution suited for urban slums. The basis is creating business out of the sale of urine and solids by transforming the solids to a soil improvement product of great value to agriculture. Urine is by itself a natural fertilizer so we put allot of emphasis on urinals for both women and men.

    The structure is: household units - urinal with jerry can for deposit at urban public unit

    Peepoo bag: Peepoo bag

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    Posted August 07, 2009
    By Sustainable Sanitation Design

Sustainable Sanitation Design

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Sustainable Sanitation Design

Office: Thunesvei 2
Oslo, Norway
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